2017 Acura TLX in Edmonton, AB

The future of the automotive industry is upon us. The way technology has progressed over the past decades is unimaginable. Because of this, what we expect out of a vehicle has grown exponentially over the years. What used to be deemed acceptable by the standards dictated by the consumer is no longer viable. The future has arrived to auto dealers in Edmonton, and you either provide something that is going to shock and awe, or you risk becoming stale, which in the automotive industry, is practically dealer suicide. But doing something awe-inspiring is something that is well within Acura’s wheelhouse. It’s practically their specialty.

West Side Acura knows its product better than any other Acura dealership in Alberta. Our Sales representatives pride themselves on their knowledge of not just our own vehicles, but the entire automotive market. Which is why when we talk up our vehicles, we do so knowing what other vehicles are capable of, and in which ways they are inferior. And we do mean inferior. Just look at the 2017 Acura ILX, a sleek, stylish sedan, or the 2017 Acura MDX, a lavish and beyond comfortable SUV, both of which cause their competition to bow down. But few do that more effectively than the 2017 Acura TLX and the stylishly upgraded 2017 Acura TLX-S.

The new Acura TLX is the backbone of Acura’s vehicle lineup. This luxury sedan is all-encompassing intelligence personified. The perfect Acura vehicle. It uses intelligence and technology in ways never thought possible, and it’s a characteristic embedded through its interior, its exterior, and its performance. The TLX offers a drive like you’ve never experienced. Let’s take a closer look. 

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Interior Design

When it comes to the interior design of a vehicle, few do it more effectively than Acura. Acura is a brand known for its intelligence and its ability to pull off the highest levels of luxury. Acura believes that intelligence and creating new technology is the best way to achieve comfort and luxury. Because of that, they offer a vehicle slate, that from even the most base-level trim, offers an unrivaled level of technology embedded throughout. Acura believes that the smarter a vehicle feels, the more comfortable you will be as the driver and as the passenger. It is an idea that is fully realized with the interior of the new Acura TLX.

As a luxury vehicle, the TLX offers an interior that is unmatched within its class. It uses a combination of the finest materials, including premium leather, refined wood accents, and a glossy core design that goes in tandem with the technology that is so prevalent throughout. The two front seats, both formfitting and supple in texture, keep you safe and secure as well as comfortable no matter what driving speeds or road conditions you may face.

Speaking of the technology, the 2017 TLX offers an incredible array of features. From one of the most diverse audio systems, powered out through Acura Premium Sound System, coupled with Acura Noise Cancellation, which softens the exterior noise, to more driver-centric features like AcuraWatch or Precision All-Wheel Steer System, the 2017 TLX offers you a drive that you won’t soon forget. 


Exterior Design

Acura, as a brand, prides itself on its ability to be instantly identifiable. There’s a smoothness to its curves, and a sharpness to its accents that clearly defines the Acura exterior. Let’s not forget that world-famous Acura front grille, with the Acura “A” displayed proudly in the center of the narrowly sloping front face and its twin Jewel Eye LED headlights flanking on either side like a beautiful set of eyes. It’s a face you can spot, even at a distance, one that you can’t help but admire.

Physically speaking, the TLX is a bigger bodied sedan, one that offers a soft elegance to a normally rigid design that plagues most luxury sedans. Its exterior is designed to help aid performance, aerodynamics being a priority to go along with its aesthetic. Its design helps with wind resistance, which in turn helps with fuel efficiency, as well as just being a smoother drive in general.

acura edmonton
acura edmonton
206 - 290
acura edmonton
Base Curb Weight
3500 lbs
acura edmonton
182 LB-FT
acura edmonton
Starting At
acura edmonton




The comprehensive system that links your smartphone and many of its functions to your phone through the touchscreen hub. AcuraLink is the best way to stay connected while never being distracted.



A piece of safety technology that alerts the driver when there is an obstruction in an unseen area using Blind Spot Information. It also includes Acura’s Adaptive Cruise Control, which is the most intelligent version of cruise control you’ll find anywhere.



A next-gen driving system that is able to adjust the toe angle and rear wheels, which allows for total control over your drive. It’s a confidence booster that revolutionizes your driving experience. 




Why buy a 2017 Acura TLX?

Acura only produces vehicles of the highest quality. The 2017 Acura TLX is no different. It’s a vehicle that offers refine elegance in its design, with an exterior that simply sweeps you off your feet, an interior that offers comforts that feel lavish and futuristic, and with performance that sends chills down your spine. Transform your drive today by coming in to West Side Acura or book a test drive online now!