What Vehicle is Right for You This Fall?            

By Danielle Champagne | Posted in MDX, RDX on Friday, September 22nd, 2017 at 8:00 pm


What Vehicle is Right for You This Fall?


With the end of summer looming, it’s time to start considering that vehicle upgrade you’ve been putting off.  Don’t wait any longer, because before you know it, the entire world will be covered in snow. That wasn’t a jab at the impending nuclear fallout, but rather a reference to Alberta’s harsh winters. To survive these winters, as a driver, you have to be smart and you’ll need a smart vehicle to go along with you. You’ll find no smarter vehicles than those made by Acura.

Acura deals with intelligence, which makes them perfect fall and winter vehicles. Sure, they are stylish and elegant in their design, which naturally makes them a popular summer vehicle, but they are also capable and tough. But how do you know what vehicle is right for you?

Lucky for you, I’ve come prepared.

First, ask yourself, “What do I want?”

Acura vehicles have a distinct styling to them. Each model line varies from one another, but they all symbolize carefully crafted automobiles. This styling extends to the interior, which is lavish and packed with luxury.

When it comes down to it, all of Acura’s vehicle roster is equipped to handle Edmonton winters, but none better than the MDX and the RDX.

Both vehicles offer a fair bit of size and strength. The RDX, being the smaller of the two, still packs enough power to impress. With 279 Horsepower, combined with Acura’s intuitive driving systems, you’ll have the utmost confidence in your winter commute. It’s got slightly better fuel economy and less bulk to it than the MDX, which makes it easier to park and offers a more athletic look. The MDX, the bigger of the bunch, offers 290 Horsepower, plus some added interior room. This precision-crafted vehicle offers a stronger exterior look than its little brother.

No matter which you choose, either the RDX or MDX are the right winter vehicles for you. Finding a vehicle that suits your needs is the most important aspect of choosing a new vehicle. You want something you’re comfortable in. You want something that makes you confident when you’re behind the wheel. You want a vehicle that makes each drive, no matter how mundane or hectic, a treat.  No one does that better than Acura.


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