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Wayne Kuzyk 25 Feb 2016
I would encourage anyone looking to purchase a vehicle to first consider West Side Acura. Here you not only get the best value for your dollar, but you have expert sales advice and first class service from all staff including the service department. We purchased our last 2 vehicles from Marty Quon a...nd received very professional service from an elite level Sales Consultant. We were the recipients of his honestly, efficiency, expertise and pleasant nature and now understand why he is one of the top Sales people in this business. Show more
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Jordan Augruso 20 Jan 2016
I've been going to West Side Acura for years to have my old 1996 2.5TL and my 2007 TL Type-S serviced. They have always treated me with the respect that would be given to someone who just bought a new vehicle, and treated my cars the same way, with a lot of care and attention despite the cars' ages.... The one time the service department made a mistake over all those years, they went above and beyond to correct it promptly. They always give me the information I need when I ask the tough technical questions. I shouldn't forget to mention that the techs themselves have always done a great job and they shouldn't be forgotten. Every repair I've ever needed has come back correct the first time, no need for repeats. This level of quality control is important, especially for this segment of cars and the expected dealership experience, and I'm glad that the techs and service department deliver on that. I do wish that additional loaners were available though for long services, and maybe upgrade your shuttle drivers to a pair of MDXs or something and retire those Odysseys. The shuttles should be Acuras in my opinion. I recently bought a 2016 TLX from Marty Quon. He sets the example for how a car salesperson should go about selling a vehicle. He worked with me over many visits to get me the exact colour and package combination that I wanted and provided me regular updates for when it was to be delivered. There was absolutely no pressure at all, and the car was absolutely looking perfect when he delivered it to me on a busy day just before Christmas Eve. He was knowledgeable, courteous, willing to accommodate, and is genuinely interested in the cars, which I can't say about the salespeople at some other dealerships in this city (they lost a sale). He has provided the fantastic customer service that seems so rare these days. When my new TLX needs service, it's going to follow in the footsteps of my other Acuras and get serviced at West Side Acura. Show more
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Xuan Zhang 04 Jan 2016
Just bought my RDX here and I had a very pleasant visit. Jeff Ma from sales department was friendly and super helpful, I really appreciate all that he's done to help me get the vehicle prepared just the way I wanted Awesome experience and great dealership!
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Ann Tan 30 Dec 2015
A few days ago, we have purchased our very first Acura, the 2015 TLX, from the man himself, Marty Quon. In addition to the numerous positive reviews him and and this dealership already have, we have experienced nothing short of an outstanding service from him. We walked in looking for a great deal, ...and we left knowing and feeling exactly that. Marty is the guy that is willing to go the extra mile to ensure you have the perfect vehicle, without pressuring you to buy right there and then. He is approachable and very open to his customers' suggestions and opinions. We are still in awe thinking we now own an Acura... all because of Marty's miracles. Haha kidding aside, we really found it enjoyable to deal with him during this process and would love to deal with him again when we're due for a new one ;) He is true gem to this dealership and it was a pleasure having him this whole time. Show more
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Michelle F., Edmonton, Canada 05 Jan 2015
Great service. Friendly and personable. Reliable fantastic cars.I have driven many many cars in my lifetime. Acura is the best in value and quality. You can buy a mercedes for significantly more for the safety. Or a bmw for the style. Or a toyota for the smooth drive. But all of them compromise in s...omething. But acura does not. You get a little bit of everything all in one car. A reliable car with many safety features in a smooth driving sleek looking car. I looked for some time checking out all types of cars at so many dealerships. And acura is by far the best. Bc it is not ridiculously priced and offers the most bang for your buck. You get most of the luxuries of driving a nice car...keyless entry, bluetooth, els premium sound systems,  easy steering wheel controls to manipulate your car features and so on. All reasonably priced. The car is easily maintained as parts are easy to find in edmonton whether you want after market or factory parts. In edmontons harsh winters. This car is perfect as its easy to maintain but very reliable. I dont get stuck in the snow despite my car being low. It stops when I want to. It has all the features I need and want.I have found servicing my car easy and a breeze. The staff friendly and welcoming. They remember me by name and are very helpful. They squeeze me in when im in a rush to get serviced. And never push more services to be done. They just advise of stuff that needs to be fixed. For me the oil changes are worth it bc it allows me to get a professional view of what needs to be done on my car. I get major repairs done elsewhere as the hourly service fees are ridiculous.  So minus one star. But the best part is after they finish working on your car they always give it a good wash and dry. Courtesy washes are awesome. They also provide free hot chocolate, coffee, tim hortons pastries and daily newspapers. Waiting area is fancy with leather couches and even plugins for you electronic devices...even usb outlets!The new dealership is sleek modern  and fresh. With lots of windows and a open concept. I am a loyal acura customer and I wouldnt buy another car since mine has performed exceptionally for over 7 years! Only downside. Once u drive your brand new vehicle off the lot it devalues by  minimum $5000... oh well. I love that fresh new car smell! Show more
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