Top 5 Olympic events

It’s that time again. Every four years (really every two years), the best and boldest athletes from around the world flock to a specific location and engage in the ultimate test of their athleticism in a battle of athletics between other athletes. Each countries represent vies for that beloved gold metal cylinder. I’m of course talking about the Olympics.

With that, here are the top 5 Olympic events I’m most looking forward to.

#5 Decathlon –

300 × 300

It’s a great way to see a variety of events in a short amount of time. Ten events is an unimaginable amount of sports to master. You watch these guys and they are just immensely impressive. I can barely handle playing one sport, and badly at that, let alone being a world champion in 10 different sports.

#4 100m –

300 × 228

Probably the most recognizable Olympic event. That’s probably because the results of these races earn you a title of fastest man or woman alive. You can’t tell me that as a child you didn’t want to be a considered the fastest person alive. You’re practically a super hero.

#3 Diving –

300 × 231

Whether it be the solo dive or the synchronized dive, I’m there. I don’t know if it’s the precision, or the sheer athleticism that goes into twisting and turning at the rate they do, but every four years I’m just glued to these events specifically. It helps that as a Canadian I’ve had a few fantastic divers to cheer for as well.

#2 Tennis –

300 × 225

I know a lot of people find tennis a little… boring, but here me out here. Since boxing has sort of fallen as a sport (in my eyes, you’re welcome to love boxing), and I don’t quite have to stomach to handle the violent UFC, tennis for me is the only competition that is a one of one, best man wins kinda sport. For me, it’s like what Boxing was in the 60’s and 70’s during Muhammad Ali’s prime.

#1 Soccer –

300 × 169

I’m a bit partial here as it’s my favorite sport even outside of the Olympics. But it’s not just that. Olympic soccer allows the youngsters to get the limelight. And like many other soccer tournaments at the international level, there’s an unmatched level of passion and pride that is more than contagious.

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