Best vacation spots within driving distance around Alberta

Summertime in Alberta is all about adventure.  It’s an entire province, both in its people as well as its nature that thrives of going on an adventure. After all, we wait so long for gorgeous weather, can you blame us for wanting to celebrate?

If you’re looking to get your adventure on this summer, here are a few things you can do that are within driving distance:

  • Jasper – 3 h 49 min (365.4 km)

A bit of a drive, but well worth it.  Jasper and its surrounding National Park, have a plethora of exciting outdoor adventures. You have the phenomenal Columbia Icefields, which is one of the most incredible extractions around the entire globe, let alone in Alberta. There’s the gorgeous Athabasca falls as well, and a number of fantastic tours, and trails to explore. It’s the outdoorsman’s dream.

  • Banff – 4 h 4 min (413.5 km)

A little further than Jasper, and while it offers a similar type of activities, they are very much not the same place. There are major differences. You’ve got the world famous Banff Gondola, the Bow Valley parkway, which offers a unmatched view into local wildlife. There are plenty of lakes, and camp ground close by. Even just talking a stroll through the uniquely crafted downtown Banff is something to take in.

  • Calgary Stampede – 3 h 2 min (298.9 km)

Another world famous Alberta landmark. While only available to visit for a short time, it’s truly a one of a kind experience. Take in the rodeo lifestyle, in all it’s… glory, or if that’s not what you’re into, the entire area converts into a wonderful bazaar filled with restaurants and bars.

  • Sylvan Lake – 1 h 55 min (162.0 km)

This goes for any lake in the entire province. I use Sylvan Lake as the base example because it’s one of my favorites and one I find myself going back to. Because we don’t have the luxury of being on either cost, or near large bodies of water, Albertan’s are often desperate to live that beach life. Whether it’s playing around in the water, building a life-sized giant tortoise out of sand, or even just soaking in the rays, going to the beach, or lake is something that will always be popular.

  • Stay in Edmonton 0 h 00 min (000.0 km)

Edmonton during the summer is jam packed with a variety of festivals. We have K-days, a local expo that is fun for people of all ages, as well as A Taste of Edmonton to get a… taste… of… Edmonton… Or the Fringe, if the performing arts are your thing. Even if they’re not, the fringe is entertaining for everyone. There’s also the Edmonton Heritage Festival which proudly displays diverse culture around Edmonton.

No matter where you go, it’s clear that you can find something to suit your taste all within a short drive.

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