Tips for Correctly Determining Tire Size

If you've ever looked closely at the markings on the sidewalls of your vehicle's tires, you may think they are a series of meaningless letters and numbers. At our West Side Acura service department, those special codes actually give our technicians a great amount of information apart from the tire's brand and model. We're happy to help you decipher these code numbers as a helpful way to understand tire size.

The first letter indicates the tire's class, "P" for passenger and LT for light truck, with European metric tires having no letter. The next three numbers refer to the section width tread measured in millimeters, with the next two numbers revealing the aspect ratio, or height, of the sidewall. The next letter indicates speed rating, with an "R" indicating radial construction. The next four numbers and letter indicate wheel diameter size (inches), maximum load capacity and speed rating.

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