Common Brake Pedal Problems

When applying the brakes, you should have to use firm pressure to depress the pedal. There should not be a soft or spongy feel. There are many reasons why brakes suffer problems. Brake lines contain fluid that becomes pressurized when the brakes are applied. If air becomes trapped in the lines, the fluid does not properly flow. In this case, the brakes must be bled to alleviate the air and the fluid replaced. Damaged lines are another possible problem. Brakes lines are metal and susceptible to rust. Small holes develop, which causes fluid and pressure loss.

Sometimes the calipers on disc brakes suffer corrosion, which leads to fluid leakage. Faulty wheel cylinders are another problem when the part becomes corroded. Worn master cylinders might also be the culprit. Corroded or worn parts must be replaced. The only way to know the exact cause for brake problems is to have the vehicle inspected by a West Side Acura technician in our service center.

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