Debadging Your Car is Easier Than You Think

Car enthusiasts usually prefer to modify all aspects of their vehicles. This includes removing the brand name logos that are applied to the vehicle's body. This task is commonly referred to as debadging. You can perform a DIY debadging job by following these steps.

First, determine if your car's badges are glued or fastened to the surface. Glued badges can be removed by applying a spray adhesive remover. Spraying the liquid around the edges of the badge will give you the best chance at breaking down the adhesive properties. You should then be able to ply off the badge with a soft, flat tool, or credit card.

Badges secured with fasteners or screws will require additional body work. Once you have removed the badge, you'll need to fill in the remaining holes to preserve the smooth lines of the vehicle. This can be done with auto body fillers. It will also be necessary to apply a coat of paint to the area to match the rest of the body.

Car owners in Edmonton can turn to West Side Acura for help with their debadging needs. West Side Acura can assist you with any type of vehicle badge removal.



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