Roadside Emergency Supplies - What You Need

Traveling can be a lot of fun, whether it’s a short trip or across the country. Nothing can put a damper on your plans quicker than having a breakdown on the road. Having some good roadside emergency supplies can help you be more comfortable and get through the emergency better. Come to West Side Acura and check out what we have for supplies.

Here are some supplies that are worth having in your vehicle to help you get through your breakdown. • Jack and tire changing supplies

• Can of Fix-a-Flat
• Jumper cables
• Motor oil
• Antifreeze
• Household batteries
• Water
• Flashlight
• First aid kit
• Toolkit
• Nonperishable snacks
• Roadmap
• Extra set of chargers for electronic devices

Pay us a visit in Edmonton and speak to our professionals about travel tips and check out our huge selection of automotive supplies and services. We are happy to help you make a selection of what you need.



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