Understanding Four-Wheel Drive: The Difference Between 4-High and 4-Low

Four-wheel drive helps you navigate tough road conditions such as unpaved roads, steep hills, slippery surfaces or driving off-road. The most common types of four-wheel drive are 4-high and 4-low. Each one has a unique function, and you must use them appropriately or you could damage your car or truck.

4- High sends power to all four of your wheels while you are driving at high speeds. Most manufacturers recommend you use this gear when you are traveling up to 55 mph. 4-high works best when road conditions are muddy, icy or rocky, but you are driving at normal speeds.

4-low also sends power to all of your wheels, but you typically use it when you are navigating extreme road conditions. If you are climbing rocks or crossing deep water at a slow speed, you want to put your vehicle in 4-low. Manufacturers recommend you use 4-low when you are traveling at less than 40 mph.



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