Tips for Cleaning Your Tires

Cleaning your car is pretty easy, especially if you contribute just 30 minutes to it once a week. You can clean your tires first, because they are typically the most concentrated collection of grime and dust. You don’t want to splash this up on your vehicle as it will just make the process longer. When you clear your tires, use a professional grade cleaner that can work with any type of rubber, including ones with coating or anodization.

Once you’ve applied cleaner, you should wipe and spray them, rinsing the cleaner off entirely. You don’t want any of that getting stuck in your tire tread where it can cause damage. After you clean your vehicle, you should dry off your tires with a microfiber cloth.

There are a few things that will make cleaning your tires easier. You’ll need a tire brush, foam applicator pad, wheel cleaner, tire gel, and a garden hose. Want to get your car checked out and detailed? You can stop by West Side Acura for more information.



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