Do You Pick Top Rated IIHS or NHTSA?

There are two different tests that a vehicle goes through. Given that they are different tests, then they are likely going to earn different ratings, especially with tests that have different rating systems. You are probably wondering which rating system is more reliable than the other. Finding out what to look for is very important for safety vehicles.

When it comes to the type of vehicle you choose for safety, the ideal vehicle is going to be one that gets high scores for both the IIHS test and the NHTSA test. However, you can also look at how both the tests are conducted.

IIHS performs five tests in order to determine what certificate to give the vehicle. The NHTSA conducts 3 tests in order to determine the rating the vehicle is going to get. With vehicles and the way drivers can be, you can't be too cautious about safety.

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