What to Know About the Parts That Make a Car's Suspension

When it's working properly, a car's suspension helps you and your passengers enjoy a smooth ride wherever you are going in the city. The suspension is compromised of shocks, struts and other components designed to absorb shock and keep the tires on the ground. These parts are also generally responsible for helping the car move in a relatively straight line.

Ideally, components that make up a car's suspension will be inspected each time you go to West Side Acura for service. This ensures that joints, ball bearings, and other parts are properly lubricated. Age and improper lubrication are common reasons why a suspension could need service.

However, if a suspension is leaking oil or any other type of fluid, it is a sign that they should be repaired or replaced. A technician will explain what needs to be repaired and how much it could cost to resolve a suspension problem.

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