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Which Type of Warranty Is the Best for You?

When considering your next vehicle, you'll probably want to consider a warranty to ensure your car lasts as long as it should. But what's the difference between a powertrain warranty and a bumper-to-bumper warranty?

A powertrain warranty only covers parts of the vehicle that fall into the propulsion system category, like the transmission and engine. It also typically covers the components that bring power to the wheels. This type of warranty does not cover much else. A bumper-to-bumper warranty usually includes most components from the front- to the back...

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Financing a car in Edmonton AB isn’t as difficult as you’d think

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  Vehicle financing Edmonton AB

Are you looking to finance a vehicle in Edmonton? Would you be happy to know that you can not only get financing for a vehicle at West Side Acura, but you can also most likely get financing for the vehicle of your dreams? We thought so. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to providing a plethora of financing options for all of our customers, regardless of age, type of vehicle, marital status and more. We don’t discriminate at West Side Acura, and we want to be able to share our love of Acura…

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