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Why the NSX is so amazing!

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The NSX goes all the way back to 1995. It was a time where the auto industry was moving away from the American muscle car as the dominant type of fast car. From the ashes of the muscle car (which was reborn in the late 2000's), a new era had arrived. It was the era of the import.  Throughout the mid-late 90's, Japanese imports were everywhere. I know I personally fell in love with imports when I was ten years old. For my birthday, my dad had taken my friends and me to the movies. Since it was…

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Common Brake Pedal Problems

When applying the brakes, you should have to use firm pressure to depress the pedal. There should not be a soft or spongy feel. There are many reasons why brakes suffer problems. Brake lines contain fluid that becomes pressurized when the brakes are applied. If air becomes trapped in the lines, the fluid does not properly flow. In this case, the brakes must be bled to alleviate the air and the fluid replaced. 

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Automotive Knowledge | Roadside Emergency Kits

A roadside emergency kit can be your best friend when you encounter a problem on the road. Being prepared will help you get through most emergencies with few complications. Items to keep in your car at all times include flares, a blanket, first aid supplies, small tools and replacement fluids.

Flares are important to signal your position in the event that you're in a hard-to-see space, like a ditch, or if it's night on a poorly-lit road.

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West Side Acura Military Discount

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West Side Acura supports the Canadian Armed Forces. We recognize your contributions towards our freedoms and want to thank you for your service. For that, Acura wants to give members of the Armed forces a $1000 discount on our incredible new Acura models.

This discount is valid for all current/active/retired CAF members as well as all Army/Air Force/Navy members, DND employees, and members of the CF Appreciation Program. All you need to be given this discount is to bring a piece of one of the following:

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Acura prides itself on pushing forward, on creating vehicles that continually evolve, always improving. For the 2019 models, Acura continues taking steps creative the best and brightest vehicles. If you want intelligence, then Acura is your brand. 

The 2019 Acura RDX makes bold moves in the SUV/Crossover vehicle class. It’s one of the finest vehicles on four wheels and provides an uncanny level of comfort and sophistication in all aspects of its drive, sophistication only Acura can supply.  

Let’s take a closer look. 
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Versus Series: MDX Vs. Pathfinder

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The MDX is an SUV that personifies luxury. Acura designs there vehicles with an unmatched level of intelligence, intelligence that extends to the exterior designs as well as the interior. It’s sophisticated and technologically advanced in ways rarely seen in a vehicle of this type. Nissan always looks to produce vehicles that are innovative. Backed by Nissan’s innovative motto, the 2018 Pathfinder offers a unique take on the SUB vehicle class. Though it never quite make the full push into the luxury line like the MDX, and its intelligence doesn’t compare to that of the 2018 MDX…

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SPOTLIGHT - Acura Tech

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Acura handles technology better than anyone else. In an industry that is driven by innovation, Acura has continually kept ahead of the curve by using its intelligence and creativity to give you some of the safest and most comfortable vehicles in the world.  Acura offers a driving experience like no other, and that experience is driven by their technology.

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Acura breeds vehicles that are intelligent. Their vehicles have a certain look to them, a feel to the way they drive, and atmosphere when you’re seated inside of one, that makes them feel smarter than your average vehicle. It’s ingrained in its design and evident by their impressive technology suite. Even just at a glance, it’s clear that Acura vehicles are different. Even something as tried and tested and the midsize sedan.


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Acura is a brand that is highly regarded for its intelligence. Year after year, Acura has brought forward a selection of vehicles that are designed around being smart. When you drive an Acura vehicle, you’ll experience intelligence through performance, through luxury, and of course, intelligence through technology.  Acura vehicles provide a distinct experience, one that is available no matter which vehicle on their roster that you drive.


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Acura Spotlight - 2018 RDX

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Luxury through intelligence. That is something that Acura knows all too well. They have spent the last two decades carving an identity, building a reputation that supports this idea. They make vehicles that feel powerful, that are dynamic in their design, and most importantly vehicles that feel smart. They create vehicles that have an aura about them. Acura makes luxury vehicles unlike anyone else.

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