2018 Acura NSX

The original Acura NSX supercar, sold from 1990 to 2005, drove right out of our dreams and into legend. Now it's back, taking high-tech, high-performance driving to new heights. Our hearts race just from looking at this stunning machine, and we know this is the Acura NSX Edmonton drivers have been dreaming of.

The all-new 2018 NSX takes technology to an unprecedented new level with a hybrid gas-electric drivetrain that pairs three electric motors with a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine to produce an astonishing 573 hp. A dual-clutch nine-speed automatic transmission pumps that horsepower into an all-wheel drive layout for ground-grabbing performance that must be experienced to be believed.


The original NSX, back in 1990, featured the world's first all-aluminum body for a combination of light weight and rigidity. The new NSX carries on the tradition of advanced materials, extensively using aluminum and high-strength steel in the body along with carbon-fibre front floorboards. Carbon fibre can optionally be ordered for the roof and other structural elements for an even lighter weight. All of this advanced material science results in a very rigid body that holds up through the tightest curves on the road for true supercar handling.


The NSX features a Launch Control system that pumps 217 lb-ft of torque into the electric motors before engaging the gasoline engine, resulting in an astonishingly quiet and yet neck-snapping acceleration. Driving.ca recorded a 0-100 km/h run of about 3.1 seconds. Once underway, a system that Acura calls "Super Handling All Wheel Drive" constantly distributes power to whichever wheel needs it most, powering the NSX through corners with torque vectoring and regenerative braking to achieve world-class handling on the track.


The twin-turbo V6 is mid-mounted for a perfect weight distribution and true supercar handling. It teams up with one of the electric motors to pump out 500 hp to the rear wheels. The other two electric motors, which Acura calls the Twin Motor Unit or TMU, add 73 hp through the front wheels to help the NSX grip the ground for rocket-like acceleration. The transmission lets you choose Sport mode for around-town driving, Quiet mode for driving on electric power at lower speeds, or Sport-Plus mode to keep the gasoline engine engaged at all times. And finally, Track mode unleashes the full power of the NSX.

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2018 Acura NSX Trim


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