Acura Service Edmonton: Top-Quality Service Center

West Side Acura Service Center in Edmonton, AB

West Side Acura's Service Department

We've all been there: you're running late for work, fumbling for your car keys as you walk out the door and trying not to spill coffee all over yourself. You get situated in the driver's seat, put the key in the ignition, turn it… and nothing happens. Maybe the check engine light was on for a few days and you ignored it, or maybe it's a complete and total surprise; regardless, your day has been derailed.

At West Side Acura, we understand that people lead busy lives which rely heavily on their cars working properly. That's why we believe in doing things right the first time, and work hard to provide excellent, timely car maintenance for our customers. We're a one-stop shop, from regular preventative maintenance to complex, full-engine overhauls, and we believe in treating our customers like family; that means fair prices, fast turnaround times, and zero cut corners when it comes to Acura service and repairs.


Fluid Changes

West Side Acura's comprehensive fluid change service is available in a wide array of packages and includes coolant, filter, and oil change/replacement.

Front End Alignment

When you're involved in a collision, even a minor one, it can wreak havoc on your alignment; that's why West Side Acura offers a quick and simple front end realignment service.


Maintenance (Wipers, Headlights, Etc.)

Little fixes are often left undone and eventually forgotten, but with West Side Acura's maintenance services there's no reason for your car to not operate at its fullest capacity. No job is too small for us.

Brake Adjustment | Replacement

Brake wear is an unavoidable part of driving, particularly if you spend a lot of time on the road. Our service team is here to provide quick and easy brake adjustments and replacement so you can have peace of mind and know your brakes are functioning properly.


Service Packages

We offer our customers a wide variety of service bundles, including the basic maintenance package which covers headlights, wipers, and everything in-between.


Muffler | Exhaust Repair

Don't ignore muffler trouble just because it's out of sight. No job is too small for West Side Acura, including muffler maintenance and exhaust repair.

Vehicle Inspection | Checkup

If you're looking to sell your vehicle or want a checkup on a pre-owned car, our team of vehicle inspection professionals is here for you.


Electrical Services

The electrical system is a large, important part of any modern car's functionality. At West Side Acura, our skilled electrical specialists guarantee that your car's bells and whistles will work how they're supposed to.


Shuttle Service

If your car's in our shop, we'll help you get where you need to go while we work on it.

Tire Selection Tool

When it comes to tires, you don't want guesswork to be part of the equation. Our tire selection tool helps you figure out exactly what tires you need for your lifestyle and driving habits.

Why service your vehicle with us?

We are sure that there are a lot of other places out there that would love your business. However, we think that the combination of our quality work, timely service and honest prices are second to none when it comes to trusting your vehicle to get the attention it needs. With a fully-staffed team of trained vehicle technicians, West Side Acura works hard to make sure your vehicle is getting the proper attention it needs at a fair price.

Trust the West Side Acura Service Department from anything to comprehensive engine repairs all the way to routine tire rotations and oil change service. All of our service department members have the knowledge and skill to work on your Acura and keep it running like the top-quality vehicle that it is. In addition, our mechanics also have the experience to repair almost every make and model of many other automobiles as well, so even if you didn't purchase a new Acura; or used Acura; from West Side Acura we would still be more than happy to get your vehicle running in tip-top condition for you.

Acura vehicles are among some of the best mechanically and cosmetically built vehicles on the road today, both inside and out. And we know better than most that they get that way because of the parts used to create them. This is why you will always find only top-quality and licensed parts being used in any repair or maintenance procedure of your vehicle when it comes to the West Side Acura Service Department.

We only use top-quality licensed parts in our maintenance work, and as a world-class Acura dealership, we stock many of those parts right here on site. Because of this, we can often just pull the parts needed for your repair right off the shelf and get to work, instead of ordering parts from overseas and waiting for them to be delivered. This saves you time and money, and lets you get back to your busy schedule with a working vehicle more quickly than many other repair shops can manage.