Why Swap to Winter Tires

Winter in Canada isn't just a season; it's an experience. As scenic snow-covered landscapes paint the nation white, driving becomes a task demanding caution and precision. With our roots deeply set in Canada's fluctuating weather conditions, at West Side Acura, we understand the value of being prepared. And one such preparation essential for the Canadian […]

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Why Buy a Used Certified Acura Vehicle

Navigating the wide world of cars? Let's park for a moment and discuss a sterling opportunity: certified pre-owned Acuras at West Side Acura.   The Value Proposition When considering a vehicle purchase, value always steers the wheel. A certified Acura offers a unique blend of affordability, class, and peace of mind. Have you ever dreamt […]

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Whats new for Acura vehicles in 2024?

Evolving Excellence: 2024 ZDX & ZDX Type S 2024 is shaping up as a landmark year for Acura. Spearheading this is the all-electric ZDX, a game-changer inspired by the Precision EV Concept. With an impressive range, the base ZDX comes in at a reasonable $60,000*. However, if pure exhilaration is what you're after, the ZDX […]

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Driver-First Acura Technology

Driver-First Acura Technology Are you in search of a vehicle with driver-oriented technology features? If so, check out our new Acura models, which boast driver-first technology for safety, comfort, and connection. Keep reading to learn more about Acura’s fascinating technology. Then, browse our new inventory to find your favourite Acura model at our West Side Acura dealership […]

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Acura MDX Power Steering Fluid Replacement Guide

Acura MDX Power Steering Fluid Replacement Guide Regular maintenance is key to keeping your Acura vehicle running smoothly and efficiently for years. One important maintenance component is replacing the power steering fluid, which helps keep your vehicle's steering system working properly. To ensure that this task is done correctly, we have prepared a comprehensive guide […]

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