Acura Parts in Edmonton, Alberta

Welcome to West Side Acura, your premier destination for authentic Acura parts in Canada. Embracing the true spirit of Acura, our parts center ensures that every component contributes to the extraordinary driving experience promised by the brand. Whether you're an avid Acura enthusiast or new to our family, understanding the significance of genuine Acura parts is vital for the longevity and peak performance of your vehicle.

Benefits of Genuine Acura Parts

Quality Assurance

Genuine Acura parts represent the zenith of automotive excellence. These meticulously designed parts are more than replacements; they are the essence of your Acura's superior performance and durability. By selecting genuine parts, you're aligning with the exceptional quality standards set by Acura engineers, ensuring your vehicle continues to perform as it was designed.

Unmatched Reliability

While other parts may seem suitable, they often fall short of meeting the stringent specifications of Acura. Genuine Acura parts guarantee a perfect fit and function, preserving the original reliability that Acura owners have come to expect. This ensures your vehicle continues to operate at its best, maintaining its value and performance over time.

Optimal Performance

Every genuine Acura part is a product of extensive research and rigorous testing, reflecting Acura’s commitment to excellence. When you opt for these parts, you're not just maintaining your car; you're enhancing its performance and safety. This choice ensures that every drive remains as exhilarating and secure as the first.

A Closer Look at Acura Parts

Tire Parts


The vital link between your Acura and the road, our tires ensure optimal traction and handling in various conditions. At West Side Acura, we provide a selection of tires that perfectly align with your vehicle's specifications and your personal driving style, offering both safety and performance enhancements.

Oil Filter Parts

Oil Filters

Essential for engine longevity, our oil filters are precision-made for your Acura. Regular replacement as per your vehicle’s maintenance schedule ensures optimal engine health, preventing wear and maintaining efficiency.


At the heart of your vehicle’s safety, genuine Acura brake parts ensure responsive and reliable braking every time. Designed to meet Acura's stringent standards, they provide peace of mind, knowing your vehicle's braking system is as robust as it was on day one.

Batteries Parts


An integral component of your vehicle’s electrical system, our batteries guarantee reliability and longevity. They are engineered to work seamlessly with your Acura’s advanced electrical systems, providing the power and durability your vehicle requires.
Wiper Blades

Wiper Blades

Designed for maximum visibility and durability, our wiper blades ensure a clear view in all weather conditions. Acura’s wiper blades are not just parts; they are your assurance of safety and clarity, regardless of the driving conditions.
Filter Parts


Our cabin and engine air filters are specifically designed to ensure a clean and healthy environment inside your vehicle. They play a critical role in maintaining the quality of air you breathe while driving, enhancing both comfort and health.
New Engine Belts


Engineered for resilience, genuine Acura drive belts and timing belts are key to your vehicle’s uninterrupted performance. These belts are essential for various engine functions, ensuring smooth operation and preventing mechanical failures.

Ordering Acura Parts Online from West Side Acura

Ordering Acura parts online from West Side Acura offers convenience and confidence. Our digital catalogue allows for an intuitive and straightforward selection process, ensuring that you find the exact parts your vehicle needs. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, our online platform is designed to provide a hassle-free experience, backed by the quality assurance of Acura’s warranty. Order Genuine Parts from West Side Acura Today! 

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    Winter Tire Change at West Side Acura

    The warmth of the summer sun has slowly faded and the brisk mornings of fall have us bundling up. As fall arrives, we know what is peeking around the corner; the season of winter brings excitement and a level of preparedness along with it. Changing from all-season or summer tires to winter tires provides drivers a heightened level of traction, control, and safety. Fortunately, at West Side Acura, not only do we provide a wide range of services for your winter tires, but when its time to change over to all-season tires, our tire centre is ready to help. Please book at online service appointment, its never been easier and reserve your spot!

    Promotional Pricing

    Make sure to contact our service department and schedule an appointment to have your tires changed. If you require a new set, contact us immediately as there is a winter tire shortage across the industry. Luckily, we still have tires in stock and are ready to install them. So don't wait to get your winter tires installed before the snow starts to fall.

    Automotive consumers in Edmonton, St. Albert, and surrounding areas of Alberta understand that winter tires can be an essential part of your vehicle when the snow begins to fall. However, some consumers still believe that winter tires are not necessary. At West Side Acura, we encourage consumers to utilize winter tires during the harsh winter season. Below you can find some the main reasons to use winter tires and swap them at the right time: