The 1,000,000 Kilometer Acura TL

Bruce Audley's 1999 Acura TL Reaches 1,000,000 Kms

Another Acura reached a major milestone this week, congratulations to Bruce Audley on logging one million kilometres on his 1999 Acura TL!
Bruce was at the West Side Acura dealership in Edmonton to celebrate the big rollover, and although the odometer just froze at 999,999 kms, it was great to see this rare achievement recognized. To our knowledge, this is the most miles or kilometres an Acura has ever reached.

So what's the story behind this high mileage Acura TL? Bruce swapped his 532,000 km Acura Legend for the brand new 1999 Acura TL back in the day, and he's been driving it steadily for the last 17 years. The high mileage comes from his job as a sales agent which requires him to take frequent road trips away from his hometown of Edmonton, Canada. All servicing, aside from two emergency situations, have been done at the West Side Acura dealership. The TL still has its original engine, but that pesky transmission has been replaced more than once.
At the rollover event Bruce actually said goodbye to his trusty TL, and said hello to a brand new Acura RLX. A local news crew was on hand to cover the story and the clip can be seen here: - Local vehicle reached one million kilometres.