The MDX is an SUV that personifies luxury. Acura designs their vehicles with an unmatched level of intelligence, intelligence that extends to the exterior designs as well as the interior. It's sophisticated and technologically advanced in ways rarely seen in a vehicle of this type. On the other side of the coin, Nissan always looks to produce vehicles that are innovative and exciting. Backed by Nissan's innovative motto, the 2018 Pathfinder offers a unique take on the SUB vehicle class, though it never quite make the full push into the luxury line like the MDX, and its intelligence doesn't compare to that of the 2018 MDX.
The MDX radiates elegance, with a robust interior that beautifully protects an intellectually designed interior. Acura vehicles all have a distinctly gorgeous exterior design, which helps you instantly identify an Acura vehicle from all angles. The 2018 Pathfinder has the physical appeal you'd want out of a mid-sized SUV, with a sort of rugged, down to earth feel to it. When compared to the MDX, the Pathfinder feels too pedestrian to truly stand out as one of the top vehicles in its class. The interior, while they try to match Acura's intelligence, leaves you feeling like the Pathfinder is lacking.
Typically, when it comes to the automotive industry, intelligence means better performance, and the 2018 MDX proves that theory right. The MDX is capable of producing an incredible 290 Horsepower and 260 ft-lbs of Torque out of a 3.5 L i-VTEC engine. The Pathfinder, however, can only muster a 284 Horsepower and 259 ft-lbs of Torque. It provides less power while still being in the same ballpark as the MDX in fuel economy. When it comes to performance, the intelligence of the MDX wins out
With superior Intelligence, comes superior technology. Both vehicles are driven by their own exclusive technology hub, for Acura it's the superb AcuraLink, and for Nissan, the Pathfinder is powered by NissanConnect. Both act as connectivity apps, but AcuraLink provides a more thorough customer service experience. When it comes to safety, the MDX has a slight edge with innovation such as AcuraWatch. When it comes to some of the more comfort based tech, the MDX has a more versatile and functional center console, with an audio system backed by ELS Surround Premium Sound, something that no Nissan vehicle can match. The 2018 MDX covers all angles in the tech department.
Acura treats luxury with a combination of science and art. It's an achievement in style and performance that is beyond what you could ever imagine. As a pure driving experience, you'll never feel so comfortable and yet so simultaneously intelligent behind the wheel of a vehicle than with the 2018 MDX. It's Acura's brand of luxury, and it's something special. The Pathfinder pushes boundaries on tech and comfort, but it never quite make the full push into the luxury line like the MDX, nor does its intelligence compare either. The Pathfinder is a fine vehicle, but when put up against the 2018 MDX, it's not in the same league. The MDX simply offers too much power, comfort, luxury, and technology, for it to keep up.