2022 Acura MDX - Interior Feature Benefit

2022 Acura MDX - Chassis Features & Benefits

The sleek and modern 2022 Acura MDX is an SUV like no other, featuring lots of comfort inside the cabin while delivering a thrilling drive thanks to its many advanced chassis features. Come to our showroom at Westside Acura to view the 2022 MDX and book a test drive to experience its outstanding driving characteristics. You are also welcome to bring in your current vehicle for a trade-in appraisal towards purchasing a new MDX.

2022 Acura MDX - Interior Feature Benefit

Double Wishbone Front Suspension

The Double Wishbone Front Suspension of the MDX was inspired by the NSX Type S, incorporating lots of strong components such as lightweight forged aluminum lower wishbones, steering knuckles, and lower damper forks that reduce unsprung weight.

Multi-Link Rear Suspension

The Multi-Link Rear Suspension is compact, allowing for more room for cargo storage and features a larger diameter stabilizer bar for less body roll around corners and special control arms to increase handling.

Amplitude-Reactive Dampers

The Amplitude-Reactive Dampers are two damping circuits that work simultaneously, allowing the first to handle minor vibrations from smooth roads and a second stiffer one that can accommodate rougher roads and road imperfections. This technology is the same as having two different types of suspensions into one, and it automatically adjusts to adapt to the needs of the road.

Electric Parking Brake with Automatic Brake Hold

To make applying the parking brake easy and convenient, Acura has included a switch that you can pull to engage the parking brake, which automatically turns off once the vehicle is in drive and the accelerator pedal is pressed. The Brake Hold function automatically applies the brakes during stops to eliminate rollbacks in heavy traffic or hilly roads.

Agile Handling Assist

Once your Acura's handling limits are reached, the Agile Handling Assist kicks in, creating a yaw moment by applying the brakes to specific wheels to increase handling potential.

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