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Acura RDX Accessories - Packages

At West Side Acura, you can browse through our new inventory to find the latest 2022 Acura RDX and its fantastic trim levels while also being able to customize it with your favourite accessories. Even if you have already purchased your Acura RDX, you can visit our dealership to shop and install new accessories. We are eager to hear from you, and we are excited to help you get the most out of your Acura RDX.

Acura Accessories

There are endless options when it comes time to shop for accessories for your Acura RDX, giving you complete control over which equipment to get for your specific trim level. You will find interior, exterior, and packages for the accessories, allowing you to get covers for the seats or various additions to the interior and exterior for protection. You can even find organizers, appearance-enhancing accessories, and practical must-haves. To learn more about the various accessories available for your specific RDX, visit us or reach out to our friendly sales team.

Available RDX Accessories Packages


18-inch Vulcan Wheels - Anthracite

Getting attractive alloy wheels to keep your Acura looking at its best during winter is easy with the 18-inch Vulcan Wheels package. This wheel package has four wheels with a hub-centric design to perfectly fit your Acura's wheel hub assembly while remaining compatible with factory lug nuts. These wheels are robust and approved by Acura, giving you the confidence you need to know that you can trust them during winter weather.

Cold Weather Package

Cold Weather Package

When owning an Acura in a cold climate, you might want to consider opting for the Cold Weather package since it gives you an engine block heater to keep your Acura ready to start even on the coldest days of winter. This package also includes an automatic battery charger to keep your battery at optimal charge even if you are not driving your Acura.

Essential Package

Essential Package

The Essential package is what its name suggests, giving you accessories such as all-season floor mats, folding cargo tray, cargo cover, silver crossbars, chrome roof rails, running boards, welcome light, and rear bumper applique.

Protection Package

The Protection package is ideal for those who haul the family to sports events or weekend getaways. It gives you all-season floor mats to keep the interior clean by perfectly moulding onto your Acura's floor and a folding cargo tray to hold cargo without damaging the carpet.

Towing Package 1

Sometimes, you will want to use your Acura to its fullest potential, including towing a trailer to bring everything you might want along for the adventure. Opting for this towing package adds a trailer hitch, trim cover, harness, locking pin, ball mount, and a 1-7/8" ball. Besides offering everything needed to tow a trailer, the trim cover enhances the finished look of the rear end of your Acura.

Towing Package 2

Like package 1 for towing, package 2 has a trailer hitch, trim cover, harness, locking pin, ball mount, and a 2" ball. The only difference between these packages is the ball size.

Utility Package

To maximize the functionality and cargo space of your Acura RDX, make sure to opt for the Utility package. It adds black crossbars, black roof rails, and running boards. With the crossbars and roof rails, you will be able to accommodate more cargo outside of the cabin, while the running boards make it easy to enter the interior or access the items on the roof rails.

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Equipping your 2022 Acura RDX with accessories is the best way to enjoy its full potential, as it lets your vehicle be able to keep up with your busy lifestyle. There are many accessories to explore, so contact us to learn more about what's available for your Acura model and trim.