2024 Acura MDX Exterior & Interior Colour Combinations

2024 Acura MDX Exterior & Interior Colour Combinations

2024 Acura MDX Colour Combinations 

Welcome to West Side Acura, where the 2024 Acura MDX showcases a symphony of colour combinations that elevate the driving experience on Canada's roads. This year, the MDX not only continues to push the boundaries of cutting-edge automotive design and technology but also offers a palette of colours that promise to match every personality and lifestyle in Alberta.

A Closer Look at Colour Dynamics

The 2024 Acura MDX presents an array of colour combinations across its various trims, from the tech-savvy to the luxurious Platinum Elite and the performance-oriented Type S Ultra. Each combination has been meticulously chosen to complement the MDX's elegant lines and sophisticated presence.

Tech Trim: A Harmony of Colours and Comfort

The Tech trim level introduces a refined selection, including Obsidian Blue Pearl with Greystone Leather, Majestic Black Pearl with Ebony Leather, and the ethereal Platinum White Pearl, available with both Ebony and Saddle Brown Leather interiors. The Liquid Carbon Metallic with Ebony Leather interior offers a sleek, modern look that mirrors the technological prowess of the MDX.

A-Spec: Sporty Elegance Redefined

The A-Spec variants bring a sportier edge with Lunar Silver Metallic and Ebony Leather interiors, alongside the vibrant contrast of Platinum White Pearl with options of Ebony Leather with Ultrasuede or Red Leather with Ultrasuede. The addition of Apex Blue Pearl and Performance Red Pearl options, both with Ebony Leather with Ultrasuede, introduces a bold statement on the road.

Platinum Elite: Ultimate Luxury

For those seeking the pinnacle of luxury, the Platinum Elite trim does not disappoint. Options include Lunar Silver Metallic, Platinum White Pearl, and Majestic Black Pearl with choices between Ebony and Saddle Brown Leather interiors. The Liquid Carbon Metallic also makes an appearance, offering a distinguished look with either interior colour.

Type S Ultra: Peak Performance with Style

The Type S Ultra trim elevates the MDX to new heights with an exclusive selection, including Lunar Silver Metallic with Ebony Quilted Leather and Platinum White Pearl with Red Quilted Leather. The striking Majestic Black Pearl and Liquid Carbon Metallic come with options for Ebony or Red Quilted Leather, while the Performance Red Pearl and Tiger Eye Pearl with Orchid Quilted Leather round out this exceptional lineup.

Embrace Your Style on Alberta's Roads

The 2024 Acura MDX colour combinations offer something for every taste, reflecting the diverse landscapes and vibrant culture of Alberta. Whether cruising through the majestic Rockies or navigating the urban sprawl of Edmonton, the MDX promises a journey not just of distance but of style and personal expression.

At West Side Acura, we invite you to explore these combinations and discover the one that best reflects your unique spirit. Join us in celebrating the art of automotive design and the joy of the open road, all wrapped in the luxurious embrace of the 2024 Acura MDX.

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