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Model Lineup

  • NSX
  • ILX
  • RLX Sport Hybrid
  • TLX
  • TLX
  • MDX
  • MDX
  • RDX
  • RDX
  • Starting at: $189,900
  • Starting at: $29,590
    L/100 KM: 6.8 Hwy | 9.4 City
  • Starting at: $65,490
    L/100 KM: 7.8 Hwy | 8.2 City
  • Starting at: $35,990
    L/100 KM: 8.2 Hwy | 10.0 City
  • Starting at: $35,690
    L/100 KM: 7.5 Hwy | 9.6 City
  • Starting at: $54,090
    L/100 KM: 9.0 Hwy | 12.2 City
  • Starting at: $53,890
    L/100 KM: 9.0 Hwy | 12.2 City
  • Starting at: $42,390
    L/100 KM: 8.7 Hwy | 12.4 City
  • Starting at: $42,190
    L/100 KM: 8.7 Hwy | 12.4 City
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5 Reasons to Buy an Acura TLX

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The Luxury Sedan is a vehicle class that is driven by innovation. It’s a highly competitive vehicle class, one that Acura has been a leader of for decades. Intelligence fuels Acura vehicles, and its evident in the way they are designed. They are vehicles that stand confidently next to its competition, a head above with its phenomenal style, performance, and ability to be smarter than the vehicle next to it. The Acura vehicle that rules the sedan market is none other than the TLX.



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Three Benefits of the Acura MDX

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Acura breeds vehicle after vehicle that defies expectation. What Acura does best is to engineer vehicles that look and feel beyond anything you’ve driven. The perfect mix high-end intelligence and world-class luxury. They are vehicles that feel uniquely their own. Few exhibit this better than the Acura MDX.

The all-new MDX holds firm to classic designs, bringing forth a familiar shape that is both well established and well-respected. But it’s not without a few new flavors to spice it up; the 2017 MDX offers plenty of innovations to sink your teeth into.


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