Acura Design and Style

Acura Design and Style

Adding new levels to the artistry of the Acura NSX. Engineered to breathe Acura exterior design pushes for improved airflow by using design to stream air throughout the vehicle. Contact us at West Side Acura today to learn more about Acura Design.

Acura Design Studio

It's here where Acura designers and engineers collaborate on designs well beyond the future of the nest auto show. Today's investigations inform tomorrow's production models as they have previous Acura ever.

Ultra-Thin A-Pillars

The ultra-thin A-pillar design and a low-mounted instrument panel diminish obstructions of the driver's view, helping to create a panoramic view from the cabin. The moment, the car almost disappears, giving you an extremely close connection to the road.

Ergonomic Seat Design

The NSX seats use class-leading material selected for their gripping performance and outstanding comfort. The aggressively-shaped bolster is smooth leather for in and out ease, while the seat centre uses Alcantara for better than suede grip and durability.

Comfortable Steering Wheel

The meticulously engineered steering wheel is intended to help the driver make precise turns. The oblong shape allows a clear view over the top.

Spacious Interior

The Acura NSX was designed from the inside out with a hyper-focus on the driver. Building from the original, Acura created a Human Support Cockpit that provides exceptional visibility, control and packaging and, true to our racing heritage, leaves headroom for a helmet.

Sculpting Design

From a supercar to a family car, if a vehicle bears the Acura badge, you can be sure it comes embellished with elegant lines and bold, sculpted planes.

Sound Design

With available surround sound speakers and a studio premium audio system, Acura provides studio-quality sound. Active noise cancellation helps to eliminate engine and wind noise.

A-spec Styling

The A-spec package's distinctive, race-inspired exterior and interior details give it an aggressive, sporty and head-turning appearance.

Acura Pigment Technology

These advanced paints come engineered using cutting-edge pigment technologies such as micas, metal flakes and nano pigments, now offered on all Acura models to deliver precision crafted performance in every aspect of the vehicle. Each premium paint colour receives additional cost to enhance the colour intensity and depth and a special clear coat to improve lustre further.

Jewel Eye Illumination

Acura's low, wide Jewel eye headlight styling assists its six-beam LED bulb mimics natural sunlight to help view colour more vividly and reduce fatigue at night. For sharp visibility at night, Jewel Eye lights are designed to mimic natural sunlight. The Jewel Eye illumination carves out their own space in the profile of every one of our vehicles.

Acura Craftmanship

With Acura, quality withstands. It's proven by solid driver loyalty and years of low maintenance. It's through our expert craftmanship that the human-centred experience truly comes to life.

Natural Wood

With Natural Desert Olive Ash or Natural Olive Ash Burl, the handcrafted wood accents we seamlessly integrate into the interior lines of select models add to the natural sense of refinement.

Milano Leather

Finish off your Acura's seat with top-grain Milano leather that's equally luxurious as it is durable. More than a stylish touch, the perforation helps house the heating and cooling ventilation of the Acura Platinum Elite Package.


Integrated into select Acura vehicles, Alcantara looks and feels even better than suede. But beyond its elegant appearance, this specialty-textured material has a grip that will hold you in your seat.

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