Acura Performance

Acura Performance

The Acura principle behind precision-crafted performance brings together creative minds and challenging spirits to enhance the partnership between car and driver. The result is an unequalled standard with unmatched precision, responsiveness of power, and agility wrapped in design. Contact us at West Side Acura in Edmonton, Alberta, to view our new Acura inventory.

Performance Manufacturing Centre

Before you even step inside an Acura vehicle, the performance has already begun. Our engineers build openly and efficiently at the performance Manufacturing Centre, designing their workstations and programming assembly bots. Ensuring every Acura is precisely engineered exceptionally well.

Sport Hybrid Performance

The revolutionary Super Handling All-wheel drive system comes combined with an electric twin motor unit, engineered to individually distribute torque to each rear wheel for sporty acceleration and on-rails handling.

Super Handling All-Wheel Drive

Acura engineers set out to produce torque-vectoring technology of track vehicles to the street. That's how they built the ground-breaking all-wheel-drive system that strategically allocating power among the wheels for a performance enhancement that you can truly feel.


The Acura powertrain i-VEC comes with intelligent variable valve timing, and lift electronic control increases horsepower by enhancing valve timing relative to engine RPM.

Variable Management

The Variable Cylinder Management improves V6 fuel efficiency by running on a three-cylinder during highway cruising.

Drive-by-Wire Throttle System

The system varies throttle sensitivity to provide a suitable response and feel to different driving conditions.

Sport Hybrid 3-Motor System

Acura's exclusive drive train system uses electric power to improve efficiency, acceleration and handling.

10-Speed Automatic Transmission

Acura's 10-speed automatic, with Sequential SportShift and Acura paddle shifters, offers the full advantage of both turbocharged engines' high-torque output and more comprehensive ratio range, more discrete gears, four-gear direct downshifts and a lower first gear compared to the previous 9-speed automatic and 8-speed.

Chassis and Handling

Super handling all-wheel drive greatly enhances high-performance dry-road handling with the all-weather advantages of conventional all-wheel drive.

Sport Hybrid SH-AWD

Twin electric motors enhance the SH-AWD effect to distribute torque for on-rails handling.

Active Damper System

Acura's active damper system adjusts to road and driving conditions every few milliseconds.

Agile Handling Assist

Braking individual wheels help you smoothly and quickly trace the desired line through a curve.

Double Wishbone Suspension

Making a return on the 2021 Acura TLX, two wishbone-shaped control arms offer more accurate power of the wheel chamber and enhance tire contact for exceptional handling and cornering grips.

Body Structure

ACE Body Structure

Acura's advanced compatibility engineering body construction is designed to help reduce and disperse force in frontal crashes involving virtually all car seizes.

Multi-Material Space-Frame

The second-generation NSX model goes beyond the all-aluminum space frame of the original, using an arrangement of materials for structural safety and handling performance.

Ablation Casting

Ablation casting combines the strength of forged aluminum with precise, complex shape-forming capabilities.

3D Bent-and Quenched Fabrication

Three-dimensionally bent and quenched ultra-high-strength steel tubing forms the upper portion of A-pillars and roof rails.

Testing The Hard Way

Acura doesn't just talk power and precision, and we put them to the ultimate tests. From sand to snow, Acura puts all vehicles through countless hours of some of the harshest conditions we can throw at them. Schedule a test drive today to test a new Acura vehicle.

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Contact us at West Side Acura in Edmonton, Alberta; we offer the Acura experience, our factory-trained technicians are ready to help you with any questions or services you need. Feel free to browse through our new inventory of Acura vehicles today.

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