Acura Safety Features

Acura Safety Features in Edmonton, Alberta

At Westside Acura, we strive to deliver a vast selection of vehicles featuring the latest safety features to make our customers' commutes safer. You will find many excellent options in our new inventory, catering to various needs and wants. Regardless if you are looking for a vehicle for a new driver or a growing family, we are confident that we have the perfect model to suit each customer's specific requirements. Schedule a test drive of your desired Acura today and get a closer look at its advanced safety features.

Acura Safety Features

Collision Mitigation

As a part of the standard AcuraWatch package on every Acura sedan and SUV, you will have Collision Mitigation. This feature detects hazards ahead and alerts you of their position to help you avoid dangerous situations on the road. It works by using radar and camera technology, and it is designed to provide visual alerts if a collision is possible. However, if no action is taken, the system overrides and applies the brakes automatically for you.

Keeping Your Distance

Another set of features that are standard through the AcuraWatch include Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Assist System. These features make your commute safer by assisting you on the road. Adaptive Cruise Control maintains the following distance from the vehicle ahead on the highway; meanwhile, the Lane Keeping Assist System will ensure that your Acura is centred in its travelling lane. With the advancements of driver-assistance technologies, drivers enjoy having a second layer of protection for situations where driver error might occur.

Jewel Eye LED Headlights

Although the Jewel Eye LED headlights are a distinctive appearance feature of Acuras, they also improve visibility to increase safety. The LED headlights combined with the fog lights give you an excellent vision of what's ahead. They also make your Acura more visible to other motorists at night, giving you better overall safety when driving.

Vehicle Stability Assist

Regardless of which Acura model you opt for, the Vehicle Stability Assist will be included as a standard feature. This feature is very beneficial when travelling on wet and slippery surfaces. It reduces the severity of over-and under-steering, giving you a better chance of avoiding traction loss. It works by reducing torque and applying brake pressure to specific wheels to keep your Acura on track. This system works very quickly, and you might not even notice that it has made any adjustments, giving you confidence behind the wheel.

Blind Spot Information System

As standard on every Acura SUV and sedan, you will have a Blind Spot Information System to alert you of potential hazards on the road, reducing the risk of unintentional mistakes. This system scans your Acura's surroundings and alerts you if a vehicle is travelling in your blind spot, letting you know that's it's not safe to perform a lane change.

ACE Body Structure

The ACE body structure standard for advanced compatibility engineering, implementing a unique structure design to reduce and redirect force away in front-end collisions. By understanding and testing various designs, the engineers made specific sections of the body structure more rigid to improve handling while adding crumple zones strategically to keep you and your passengers safer.

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