Acura Four-Wheel Alignment

Acura Four-Wheel Alignment

Acura Four-Wheel Alignment

As you shop through our new inventory at Westside Acura for the latest Acura models, you should consider regularly returning for a four-wheel alignment to ensure that you enjoy your Acura's precise handling for years to come. We are your trusted Acura dealership for purchasing and maintaining Acura models, ensuring you enjoy the best Acura ownership.

Benefits Of Regular Four-Wheel Alignments

Regularly aligning your vehicle's wheels is important to maximize the lifespan of your tire set and suspension bushings, making it a maintenance item you should never skip. Also, during an alignment, you would have an expert inspect the cause of wheel misalignment, ensuring that your vehicle isn't experiencing other issues that might require repairs. Another benefit of having regular wheel alignment is that you will have a vehicle that tracks straight on the road, keeping you safe and in control. The most important benefit of regular wheel alignments is the long-term savings you will enjoy since you won't have to prematurely replace tires, suspension bushings, or other parts that might be affected.

Causes Of Wheel Misalignment

Many driving situations can cause your vehicle's wheels to go out of alignment, but the most common is driving over potholes. As you drive on less-than-perfect roads, you might encounter big potholes that can throw your alignment off slightly, worsening as you continue driving. Also, an alignment can be out of specification if the vehicle hits a curb or has a suspension component replaced without a proper alignment. Although those are some of the most common causes of wheel misalignment, you will find that other causes might require further attention.

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Be sure to contact us to book a four-wheel alignment for your Acura, and our experts from the Service Centre will take good care of your vehicle to ensure that it tracks straight on the road.

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