Acura Models

Acura Models

Acura is a vehicle brand known for creating vehicles that are intelligent. An intelligence that isn't limited to the technology inside Acura vehicles, but one that extends everywhere, from the exterior styling, to the luxury, to the most basic design. Every bit of Acura vehicles is design with intelligence in mind.

Acura vehicles are recognize for their merit, and thus have acquired a reputation for a certain level of quality, a reputation that they are unwilling to have tarnished. Thus, Acura is constantly improving on themselves.

West Side Acura is a dealership that strives to embody the Acura lifestyle. From the second you step into the showroom, you experience the Acura way of life. West Side Acura offers the full slate of Acura vehicles, which is one of the most impressive all-around rosters in the automotive industry. Here's a look at what vehicles West side Acura has to offer. 

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The 2017 MDX is an SUV for the modern age. A highly intelligent vehicle with a technology based design both physically and in its ability to perform. It handles luxury with a level of poise and sophistication that makes it look easy. The MDX is a sports utility vehicle like you've never experienced.

  •     2015 Acura MDX
  •     2016 Acura MDX
  •     2016 Acura MDX Blow Out
  •     2017 Acura MDX


The Acura ILX is a strong addition to the small sized luxury sedan line. It's a technology driven vehicle with performance and luxury that blows away all competition. Acura produces intelligent vehicles for intelligent drivers, and the ILX succeeds in that regard. It's a driving experience like you've never seen.


The Acura RDX is the SUV of the future. A comfortable, lush, technology filled carriage that is a performance masterpiece. It's a vehicle that from the moment you step inside, you know you're in for something you've never experienced before. Enough talk.


Nobody knows how to charm a room like Acura does. No other brand can deliver on functionality while exuding charisma in the way that they can. The Acura RLX is a refined function wrapped in a sharp package that carries you like royalty.


The Acura TLX is an attractive family sedan with a refined aesthetic and the performance of a sports car. In all, it is the perfect amalgamation of everything that car buyers are searching for, with a sharp response and approachable usage. The TLX is a vehicle that aims to give you as much as you put into it.

  •     2015 Acura TLX
  •     2016 Acura TLX


Acura specializes in creating vehicles that surpasses your normal, everyday standards. It breaks expectations in half. The Acura NSX is no different. It is a Phenom. It has a dominant stance and a sleek, aerodynamic body style. It looks like something plucked right out of a science fiction movie. The futuristic body style is a nod to the car's outstanding performance. It is the car of the future.