Acura Lease Guard – Warranty

Acura Lease Guard Warranty

Lease Guard - Warranty

At Westside Acura, we believe in supporting our customers' various transportation needs, and when leasing a vehicle, we know that it can be stressful knowing that damage might occur. To make your leasing experience worry-free, you can opt for Lease Guard or Lease Guard Pro, letting you focus on what's important, which is enjoying the exhilarating performance and luxury of your new Acura vehicle.

Acura Plus

As a part of Acura Plus, you can opt for Lease Guard, the coverage that's a must-have for anyone looking for peace of mind during a lease period. Some of the items covered under Lease Guard include: paint damage, exterior surface dents, door and hatch rubber seals, bulbs, muffler, tailpipe, handles, infotainment system, bumpers and trims, carpet tears and stains, missing parts up to $150 per occurrence, discoloration, stone bruises, sand damage, and alloy/steel wheel covers. If you wish to inquire further about other components and if they are covered, reach out to our friendly associates, and they will happily answer all of your questions.

Acura Lease Guard

Lease Guard

With an MSRP of $1,188, you can expect Lease Guard to provide you with coverage to make your leasing experience effortless and seamless. This package includes up to $7,500 coverage for when the vehicle is turned in and access to automatic claim submission at lease turn-in. You can apply this coverage to any new Acura vehicle for additional peace of mind.

Lease Guard Pro

Upgrading to the Lease Guard Pro increases the cost to an MSRP of $1,688, and similarly, it increases the coverage amount and adds more coverages. With this package, you can expect $10,000 coverage for when the vehicle is turned in, one-time front windshield replacement or repair, up to $1,000 coverage for paint-less repair, and automatic claim submission at lease turn-in. Just like Lease Guard, the Pro version is available for all new Acura vehicles.

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If you wish to take advantage of the Lease Guard and Lease Guard Pro coverages during your lease, make sure to contact us. These coverages are only available at the time of lease inception, and pricing may vary, so reach out to us at Westside Acura, and we can walk you through the exact details of these beneficial coverages.

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