Acura Owner Comfort in Edmonton, AB

Acura Owner Comfort in Edmonton, AB

Acura Extended Warranty

Acura Brand Vehicles Consistently Provide You With Excellent Comfort in Edmonton, Alberta

Acura's vehicles are built to give you outstanding performance by equipping high output powertrains into each Acura vehicle. You also get an exciting ride every time you get behind the wheel of an Acura vehicle. West Side Acura is the premier Acura dealership located in Edmonton, Alberta, and we also serve customers from the surrounding areas of St. Albert Beaumont, Leduc, Spruce Grove, Devon, Stony Plain, and Fort Saskatchewan. When you own an Acura, warranty coverage is an integral part of Acura ownership. This Acura warranty protects you in the rare case that something goes wrong with your Acura during the lifetime of the warranty. You will enjoy peace of mind and rest assured knowing that you will not have to pay for anything covered by the active warranty. We invite you to browse our selection of quality new and used inventory to experience the many Acura advantages.

The Owner Comfort Package

Acura Owner Comfort in Edmonton, Alberta, is one type of warranty coverage you can get for your Acura vehicle. With Acura Plus Owner Comfort, you get a warranty coverage package that works well regardless of whether you leased your Acura vehicle or financed it. The warranty plan is customized for your own needs, and you can modify it as you like, depending on what you need from the warranty coverage plan. This plan's deductible is zero dollars, so you do not have to worry about paying out money for repairs. Furthermore, another advantage is that you receive coverage throughout North America, not just in Canada. No matter which Acura dealership in North America you visit for repairs, you are covered under this plan. Our warranty will ensure that you and your vehicle receive the best service, allowing you to enjoy your Acura in its best condition for longer.

What Does the Owner Comfort Package Include?

Key Replacement

With the Acura Plus Owner Comfort package, you can take advantage of the lost, damaged or stolen key fob replacement service. You can get your key fob replaced at any Acura dealer in Canada and even get it reprogrammed for up to $900 every single year.

Windshield Cracks & Chips

When you drive, minor windshield cracks and chips can happen no matter what kind of Acura vehicle you happen to own. However, with the Owner Comfort Package, you can get any minor windshield cracks and chips repaired if they are two inches in diameter or smaller. If you want to replace the windshield because of minor cracks and chips, the plan will pay up to $500 toward your insurance deductible for the cost of replacing your windshield.

Body Dings & Dents

If your Acura experiences minor dings and dents, the plan will pay to get your Acura vehicle repaired if they are two inches in diameter or smaller. However, these dents and dings must be repairable by our paintless dent repair process to be covered by the plan. Additionally, the paint must not be compromised as a cause of the ding or dent, which will void this service. Since no paintwork is required, you will be able to get your vehicle fixed quickly, and our team of experts will ensure it's done correctly.

Interior Seating

We understand that the interior seats of your Acura vehicle can suffer damage in several ways. That is why the Acura Owner Comfort Package plan will cover repair damage from rips, tears, and burns to interior seats. The plan provides payment of up to $300 per occurrence toward these interior seat repairs.

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If you want to experience superior customer service, you should visit us at West Side Acura. You can also contact us if you want to learn more about the Owner Comfort Package. We will be happy to give you all the information you want about this warranty coverage when you contact us. To secure financing, you can fill out a financing application through our finance centre for preapproval. Our trade-in estimator will value your current vehicle to estimate a credit value that can be applied to your new purchase, further maximizing the savings.

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