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Acura Payment Protection

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Acura Payment Protection at West Side Acura

Acquiring a new vehicle is an exciting time for residents of St. Albert, Beaumont, Leduc, Spruce Grove, Devon, Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan, and surrounding areas of Alberta. The journey from researching to getting behind the wheel is an experience that many want to feel on a regular basis. At West Side Acura, we are pleased to offer you an opportunity to experience the best of Japanese engineering. Acura has long been associated with quality, design and performance. With one of the best-backed warranties in the industry, you are able to enjoy your Acura like it was meant to be. Not only does Acura warranty have you covered, but Acura Financial Services also gives you the opportunity to enroll in added protection plans that will help further improve your Acura ownership experience. One of the great plans that can be added is Acura Payment Protection because it's not only the driver that needs coverage. Acura Plus Payment Protection was created to elevate any hardships that you or your loved ones may experience from financial obligations related to your vehicle. Continue reading to learn more regarding the benefits of this comprehensive plan.

Life Insurance

Have peace of mind knowing that the remaining balance of your vehicle loan will be paid off in the event of an unforeseen situation.

Disability Insurance

If you are injured at work or in an unforeseen accident, your vehicle loan payments will be covered. The benefits will continue until you are able to return to work.

Critical Illness Insurance

Life is unexpected, so if you are ever diagnosed with a critical illness that prevents you from working, Critical Illness insurance pays off the remaining balance of your loan.

Loss of Employment Insurance

Anything can happen, and many individuals may, unfortunately, lose their occupation. Your vehicle payments will be covered in the event of involuntary occupation loss, and your credit score will be protected.

Guaranteed Asset Protection

In the event that your vehicle is written off due to theft or an accident, there may be a gap between what is owed on the vehicle and what your insurance company provides. With GAP insurance, you are covered for up to a $50,000 difference, including negative equity situations.

Replacement Warranty

If your vehicle is stolen or written off, the Replacement Warranty has you covered. Your new vehicle will be replaced with a current model in the event of a total loss. If your vehicle is three years old at the time of total loss, you will receive credit towards a three-year-old vehicle, not a six-year-old vehicle. You will also have access to a rate lock-in for up to 7 years, rental vehicle coverage, and low deductibles. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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