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Acura Precision EV Concept Preview

At Westside Acura in Edmonton, Alberta, we are beyond excited about emerging into the future of automotive design with the Acura Precision EV Concept and the all-new Acura Electric ZDX. The luxury, comfort, and first-class finishes unique to Italian performance vehicles inspired the design of the impressive and exciting all-electric ZDX model. The future of Acura and its electric vehicles is sure to impress the masses with its innovative design, intuitive technology, and stand-out performance. You are welcome to visit our showroom anytime to view our new inventory of the newest Acura models. Consider booking a test drive of any model at our dealership to experience the latest offerings that set it ahead of the competition.

When Will the Acura ZDX Arrive?

The Acura Precision EV Concept and the announcement of the Acura ZDX return have sparked excitement for the future of Acura electric vehicles. We understand the anticipation for the latest Acura vehicles and their promise of innovation and performance. Fortunately, you won't have to wait for much longer. The Acura ZDX EV is expected to arrive at our dealership in early 2024! If you can't wait, we are now accepting pre-orders for this impressive model. Don't wait for the market release of the Acura ZDX; we expect it to be a popular purchase once the new year rolls around!

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    Highlights & Expected Features

    With the preview of the Acura Precision EV Concept in the Monterey Car Week, a lot is released to entice the interest of car lovers and EV enthusiasts. The 2024 model year sets ahead Acura's future as it enters the EV segment with the Acura ZDX. This model is an EV reboot of a highly desirable Acura model that was once part of the Japanese automaker's gas-powered lineup. It takes design cues from the recently announced Acura Precision EV Concept vehicle in that car enthusiasts can expect dynamic and bold styling to pave the way for future Acura EV models. Expect styling elements to resemble that of the Precision EV concept model incorporated in the design of the ZDX. Notable highlights of this Acura concept vehicle include a Particle Glitch styling approach, 23-inch wheels, an illuminated Diamond Pentagon grille, Chicane daytime running lights, a futuristic two-grip yoke-style steering wheel, and a dual-experience interior. The dual-experience interior lets you toggle Instinctive Drive mode for an ambient red-lit interior that maximizes performance with race-style instrumentation. In contrast, Spiritual Lounge mode retracts the steering wheel and transforms the cabin for optimal relaxation through scents and "underwater" animated projections. Experience next-level serenity and calmness while you and your vehicle recharge with this innovative system.

    Acura ZDX sustainable - recycled - renewal materials

    With the reduction of Acura's carbon footprint in mind, the cabin is stunningly designed with environmentally sustainable, renewable materials creating luxurious, distinctive finishes, including a marbled recycled plastic trim and biomass leather interior surfaces. The aluminum used in the production of this model was made from recycled materials, in addition to the dimensional green cast acrylic that makes up the steering wheel's secondary controls. Milled FSC-certified wood, harvested from sustainably managed forests, adds warmth and an element of nature inside the vehicle's cabin for a more down-to-earth experience.

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