Acura SH-AWD In Edmonton, Alberta

Acura SH-AWD In Edmonton, Alberta

At West Side Acura, we value our customers within the Edmonton, Alberta area and the surrounding areas of St Albert, Beaumont, Leduc, Spruce Grove, Devon, Stony Plain and Fort Saskatchewan. Contact us today to browse through our new inventory of Acura vehicles.

What is SH-AWD?

SH-AWD means Super Handling All-Wheel Drive. SH-AWD actively distributes power from the front to rear and side to side to make driving on slick surfaces easier. Acura offers two variations of the system: one for its gas-powered vehicles and one for its electric hybrids. Both send power to the wheels that need power, continually altering distribution depending on the situation.

How Does Acura SH-AWD Work?

The majority of SH-AWD Acura comes based on front-engine, front-wheel-drive platforms. Power is primarily directed through the transaxle to the front wheels up to 90 percent when cruising straight at high speed. However, a driveshaft also curves the path's power to a rear differential on its way to the rear wheels. Within that differential are numerous gear sets and clutch packs that control the rear wheels' torque. Under fast acceleration, the sensors detect rearward weight transfer and alter clutch engagement to direct up to 45 percent power to the rear wheels, reducing wheelspin and enhancing traction for better acceleration.

How Hybrid SH-AWD Works?

SH-AWD functions differently In Acura hybrids like MDX and RLX; there's no mechanical connection between the engine and the rear axle. Instead, each rear wheel comes powered by an electric motor. These produce power independently and variably, replacing the differential and clutches found in the mechanical SH-AWD setup. Therefore, sensors determine the amount of power is sent to either rear wheel, which still functions to push the vehicle forward through a corner with inward yaw. Hybrid SH-AWD works differently; it is similar to the standard hybrid system but flipped around. In the NSX, two electric motors power the front wheel with no mechanical connection to the mid-mounted engine. Augmenting the V6, however, is a third electric motor that improves its responses and fills in torque as its twin-turbocharged spool up.

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