Are Acuras Expensive to Maintain?

Are Acuras Expensive to Maintain?

Are Acuras Expensive to Maintain?

As a top provider of premium vehicles, Acura boasts an attractive model lineup that treats consumers to an upscale experience without breaking their bank. Whether you’re based in Edmonton, AB or beyond, learn more about the reliability and maintenance requirements of our new inventory models below before visiting West Side Acura to treat yourself to a stunning, upscale vehicle.

Are Acuras Expensive?

Acura vehicles are affordable in terms of both sales price and maintenance expenses. Indeed, the automaker’s models consistently earn top rankings over their price points, and we’re proud to report they won’t saddle you with hefty expenses, as they repeatedly best other luxury competitors in terms of yearly maintenance costs. In short, no matter which Acura model from our fleet you choose to make yours, you’ll take the wheel of an upscale model with complete peace of mind and knowing it won’t cost you much to keep it in top shape.

Are Acuras Reliable?

They most certainly are, and in more ways than one. Indeed, multiple reports have shown that Acura models require little-to-no yearly repairs and that only a small fraction of Acura repair-shop visits are due to extensive damage. Furthermore, reports have proven that Acura’s vehicles are designed to keep humming over the long haul and don’t show substantial signs of wear until they reach about 400,000 km of mileage. All this to say, when you treat yourself to an Acura model from our dealership, you’ll enjoy a vehicle that’s as reliable and durable as it is upscale, and you can get all your maintenance needs met at our Service Centre throughout your ownership experience.

For more on Acura maintenance, reliability, or anything in between, contact us at West Side Acura in Edmonton, AB.
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