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Acura Check Engine Light

At Westside Acura, we are your trusted dealership for shopping and purchasing a new Acura while offering numerous services to support ownership needs. You can visit us anytime to shop our latest models, and don't hesitate to book an appointment to bring your Acura into our dealership for a check engine light scan and service.

What To Do If Your Acura Has A Check Engine Light

What to do if you get a check engine light depends on if your Acura has engine noise, vibration, odd exhaust colour, and other factors that indicate whether or not it's safe to continue driving until you visit our Service Centre. If the check engine light is flashing, your engine is likely to have a misfire, which you should avoid driving and bring it in for service as soon as possible. However, if your engine isn't experiencing major running issues, you should schedule an appointment.

Common Causes Of Check Engine Lights

Neglected Maintenance

Not keeping up with your maintenance, including regular tune-ups, can cause your Acura's engine to have misfires that lead to a check engine light. Don't drive your Acura if the engine is experiencing poor running conditions, and have it serviced to bring it back to its peak performance.

Failed Oxygen Sensor

A failed oxygen sensor will surely give your Acura a check engine light since it will run rich on fuel. This issue will also damage the catalytic converter if left unfixed for a long time.

Engine Needs Tune-Up

Your check engine light can be caused by the engine needing a tune-up, causing the engine to run rough, misfire, or experience many other issues. To avoid such issues, replace your engine spark plugs, spark wires or coils, and all engine filters.

Dirty Mass Air Flow Sensor

Poor maintenance practices such as neglecting to replace the engine air filter can produce issues such as the mass air flow sensor getting dirty, causing minor or sometimes major drivability issues. This issue can make your Acura have a check engine light, but cleaning the sensor should fix the problem.

Failed Thermostat

With higher mileage vehicles, the thermostat can fail either stuck open or closed, causing the engine to take longer to heat up when stuck open and overheat when stuck closed. However, your check engine light should illuminate on your dashboard, warning you of the issue.

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Although our experts can quickly determine the cause of a check engine light at our facility, it's hard to pinpoint the cause of your Acura's check engine light without visiting us. Contact us to book an appointment today, and let us help you get your Acura back to its peak performance.

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