How To Make A Phone Call From The True Touchpad Interface

Step-By-Step Guide: How To Make A Phone Call From The True Touchpad Interface

Acura's True Touchpad Interface just made phone calling easy. Unsure on how to access your contacts, or maybe constructing phone calls? Follow this step-by-step guide to Pairing your device and Making phone calls through contacts using Acura technology.

Pairing A Phone Using Acura's True Touchpad Interface

  1. From the Home Screen, select phone.
  2. Select Connect Phone.
  3. Make sure your phone is discoverable, and then select Connect New Device.
  4. Select your phone when it appears.
  5. If your phone still does not appear, search for Bluetooth devices using your phone. Form Your cellphone, search for Hands-free Link.
  6. The system will provide a pairing code.
  7. Confirm the code on your phone. This may vary by phone.
  8. Select the desired function and select Connect Phone.
  9. Cancel or enable AcuraLink Assist.
  10. Cancel or enable Smart Sharing. The phone is now ready to use.

How To Sync Phone: Add Contacts

  • From the Home Screen, Select Phone.
  • Select Menu at the top of the display.
  • Select Auto Sync phone.
  • Select On or OFF.

How To Browse For Contacts

  1. From the Home screen, select phone > Contacts.
  2. Browse the contact list with the up and down arrows on the touchpad.
  3. Choose sorting method by Last Name or First Name via the icon on the top-right corner of the touchscreen.
  4. Select the desired contact name > Contact Number.
  5. The call will start automatically

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