How To Increase Fuel Efficiency in Your Acura

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How To Increase Fuel Efficiency in Your Acura

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Alter Your Driving Behaviour

To maximize your Acura's fuel economy, you should accelerate gently, follow the speed limits, monitor traffic ahead, and coast to stops if possible. By doing so, your Acura will consume less fuel while letting you drive further.

Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

Your Acura's tire pressures can affect its fuel economy significantly, but it's an easy fix to fill your tires to the proper air pressure recommended by the manufacturer. You can find the recommended tire air pressure on the door jam sticker or the owner's manual.

Avoid Idling The Engine

When you idle your engine while waiting for long periods, you are wasting fuel you would otherwise use to get to your destinations. Avoid such habits and conserve fuel by turning off the engine while waiting.

Remove Unnecessary Weight

Driving around with a heavier vehicle can cost you more fuel usage, making it a good idea to remove any heavy and necessary items from your Acura to maximize its fuel efficiency.

Maintain Your Vehicle

A healthy running engine contributes to good fuel economy, making it vital to maintain your Acura to enjoy its maximum efficiency. You should consider getting a tune-up if your Acura has some mileage and consider a complete inspection if you drive an older model.

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