Post-Winter Car Care Tips in Edmonton, AB

Post-Winter Car Care Tips in Edmonton, AB

With winter now gone, it's time to get your car in tip-top shape for optimal performance and enjoyment of the summer weather. Whichever model from our new inventory you call yours, find out what to do for your car after winter before visiting West Side Acura in Edmonton, Alberts to get it the post-winter care it needs.

Change Your Winter Tires

Winter tires can be a lifesaver for those who drive often through our roughest season, but as effective as they are in extreme conditions, they aren't designed to perform reliably at warmer temperatures. Once the average daily temperature begins hitting 7 degrees Celsius and above, it's time to fit your car with a set of all-season tires.

Change Your Oil & Filter

Long winters can put your engine to work, and motor oil is crucial for consistent, reliable performance. Once the snow melts and temperatures rise, we recommend changing your oil and filter, as winter conditions can crowd your engine and filter with contaminants and other pesky particles.

Check Your Windshield Wipers

With all the snow and hail we usually face throughout the winter, odds are your wipers worked overtime during the season, and with the spring usually bringing storms before summer sets in, we strongly suggest checking your wipers' condition. If your wipers leave streaks or make a squeaking sound when you activate them, it's time for a new set.

Top Off Your Fluids

If you've spent a good chunk of the winter on the road, most of your vehicle's vital fluids likely need replenishing. Luckily, our Service Centre's technicians can check your oil, coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and more before topping them up as needed during your next maintenance appointment.

Test the Battery

Your car battery is especially vulnerable to extreme weather, namely in freezing temperatures. As soon as winter has passed, we suggest having your battery tested at our Service Centre, and if it's dead or unable to take a charge, we'll replace it with minimal delay.

Clean the Undercarriage

Winter roads are often in rough shape, especially in rural areas, and the snow, slush, ice, salt, and gravel we often brave during the season doesn't help. This is why we recommend cleaning your vehicle's undercarriage once the season changes, as this will give you a proper picture of the condition of your vehicle's underside.

For more tips and suggestions for your after-winter car care, contact us at West Side Acura today.

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