Tire Rotation & Balancing

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At West Side Acura, we are eager to help your find your dream Acura model from our new inventory and support you throughout your ownership experience. Wheels and tires are a major component of your vehicle that can affect its ride quality, handling, and traction, making them important to keep up to enjoy smooth and reliable transportation. Through our dealership, you can shop for an Acura, but you can also maintain your current vehicle with the help of our experts and numerous automotive services.

Importance Of Tire Rotation & Balancing

It's very important to rotate your vehicle's tires regularly to even the wear across the set while eliminating the possibility of prematurely wearing them out. You will also have a chance to detect any improper tire wear caused by issues in the suspension, allowing you to address the problem before it wears out your tire set. As for wheel balancing, it's vital to the operation of your vehicle since a wheel that's improperly balanced will cause violent vibrations at highway speeds and could cause the tire to experience excessive wear.


What is a tire rotation?

A tire rotation is when a vehicle has its tires moved across sides or axles to give the tire set a chance to evenly wear out across all four tires, maximizing the lifespan of the tires while giving the driver predictable traction and handling. Depending on the vehicle's drivetrain system, a tire rotation will involve various patterns of switching tires around the vehicle to achieve proper rotation.

What is tire balancing?

Once a tire is mounted onto a wheel, it must be balanced to eliminate vibrations at higher driving speeds due to wheel imbalance. A trained technician will perform wheel balancing by placing the wheel and tire onto a machine that spins the wheel and calculates any imperfections in its rotation. Once it's known how much and where to place the wheel weights, the technician will balance the wheel, then check it again to ensure perfect rotation without vibrations.

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You are welcome to contact us with any questions or inquiries about tire rotation and wheel balancing, and our experts will gladly attend to everything you might need. You can also schedule an appointment with our Service Centre to get your vehicle a tire rotation, wheel balancing, or other services that it might need.

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