What Are the Vital Fluids for Your Vehicle?

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What Are the Vital Fluids for Your Vehicle?

Your car's health, performance, and safety depend on a variety of essential fluids, and we at West Side Acura are here to fill you in on the most vital fluids of your vehicle so you can better understand how to maintain it and optimize its lifespan. No matter which model from our new inventory you drive, find out which fluids your car needs most below before booking your next service appointment with us in Edmonton, AB.

Engine Oil

Of all your vital car fluids, engine oil is easily the most essential. Not only does motor oil lubricate all your engine's key components, it also keeps them from overheating, and you can always consult us at your convenience to find out which oil type or brand is recommended for your car.


Coolant is key to keeping your engine from overheating. Indeed, this vital car fluid absorbs excess heat that emanates from your engine while removing any toxic biproducts through your exhaust system.

Transmission Fluid

Like your engine oil, this fluid lubricates your transmission to ensure smooth, seamless shifts. If you notice your transmission fluid is running low or looks like it's changed colour, it's time to get it flushed and replenished at our Service Centre.

Brake Fluid

The importance of your brake fluid can't be overstated, as it's necessary to help your vehicle slow down and reach a complete stop. If ever you're experiencing prolonged stopping times or your brakes feel out of sorts, we recommend booking a service appointment to have one of our technicians inspect your brakes and fluid and tend to them as needed.

Power Steering Fluid

Smooth steering is integral to an optimal ride, and your power steering fluid does its part to maintain it. Low power steering fluid will often leave with you with a stiff steering wheel, make turning more difficult, and compromise your safety at the wheel, which is why we suggest getting your fluid levels checked about twice a year.

Windshield Wiper Fluid

As you know, wiper fluid helps you keep your windshield clean so you can enjoy a clear picture of the road ahead. Luckily, it's easy to tell when you're running low on windshield wiper fluid, and it's just as easy to replenish it, as all you'll need to do is pop the hood and refill your reservoir.

To book a maintenance appointment with our Service Centre or learn more about your vehicle's most vital fluids, contact us at West Side Acura today.


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