Car Maintenance

Edmonton Car Maintenance Services

Here at our West Side Acura dealership, we know the stress it can cause when your car breaks down, needs a major repair, or it's simply time for routine car maintenance. We hold our auto service center to the highest standards amongst auto dealers, and commit ourselves deeply to performing thorough, reliable work.

The Edmonton area has lots of choices when it comes to places to take your vehicle for service. But we believe that out of all of them, we offer the most quality and attentive service, at the best value. Whether you bought a new or used Acura from us, or you have a vehicle you purchased anywhere else, our technicians have been thoroughly trained on multiple vehicles. With a deep pool of knowledge and experience to draw from, we can repair and perform maintenance for any make and model of vehicle you may own. We stock a wide variety of quality, licensed parts at West Side Acura, letting us get you back on the road and on with your life more quickly.

We provide quality work, honest pricing, and timely service, giving you a value that is second to none among vehicle service centers. Our fully trained and certified expert technicians can give your vehicle the attention it needs, providing peace of mind and reliable repairs at a great price. Whether you come in to fix a headlight or get all new tires, West Side Acura knows what to do.

Services Offered in Edmonton

  • Fluid changes: West Side Acura can add and replace all vehicle fluids, with a variety of service packages to meet your needs.
  • Front end alignment: If you've had a collision or an accident, or simply have noticed your alignment slipping, let West Side Acura fix it for you.
  • Routine maintenance: We'll replace and repair even the most minor systems in your car, from wiper blade replacement to a headlight fix, let us do it all.
  • Brake service: Your brakes are an essential vehicle component and they wear down over time. West Side Acura performs comprehensive brake service, keeping you safe on the road.
  • Vehicle inspection: If you've just bought a vehicle or are looking to sell yours, we can perform a thorough vehicle inspection for you.
  • Electrical systems: We can perform service and maintenance on all the electrical components of your vehicle.
  • Service packages: West Side Acura offers a variety of easy and convenient service packages to meet your needs. Starting with our basic maintenance package, that takes care of your wipers, headlights, and more, to more comprehensive and inclusive packages. Speak with a service technician today to find the one that's right for you.
  • Muffler and exhaust repair: We believe that no job is too small for us, and to that end we offer service to mufflers and exhaust systems, a component of your vehicle that often goes ignored and unattended to.
  • Shuttle service: You don't have to worry about anything while West Side Acura is taking care of your vehicle. Let our complimentary shuttle service take you home or to work while your vehicle is being serviced.

Schedule a service appointment today at our Acura dealership in Edmonton by calling (780) 628-5735.