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Justin Farnham
General Manager

West Side Acura's General Manager has been with West Side Acura since 2010 and holds customer-service and satisfaction as top priority for himself and the entire WSA team. He's incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the automotive industry, especially when it comes to the Acura brand itself. At home, Farnham and his lovely wife have a sweet little girl. His favourite Acura model is the MDX. Why? "It's incredibly safe and offers exceptional value for the price."

Duane Worsfold
Parts Manager

This dapper gentleman has been a part of the West Side Acura landscape since 2001. Parts Manager, Duane Worsfold is a dog-person but thus far, his dream of having a furry little friend of his very own has gone unrealized. Worsfold whole-heartedly believes in the reliability of Acura. When asked why his favourite model is the '97 Integra Type-R he responded with "it's rare and it's cool." When he's not overseeing the polishing of parts in our parts department, Worsfold and his long-time lady friend can be found enjoying a west-facing patio in the sunshine or camping and fishing.

Chris Mani
Service Manager

He's tall, dark and clearly quite handsome. Chris Mani has been with West Side Acura since 2008. He speaks English, French and Fijian. When he isn't managing our Service Department, Mani can be found with his wife and little boy, on the golf course or in front of the BBQ. Mani believes the Acura brand delivers it all! Comfort, quality, technology and performance. His favourite Acura model has always been the NSX. As a little boy, he spent a lot of time daydreaming of driving the red NSX in the poster on his bedroom wall.

Andrew Nemeth
Sales Manager

The sales team at West Side Acura is bolstered by sales powerhouse, Andrew Nemeth, who was named Sales Manager in 2015. Nemeth is a hockey coach and a movie and television buff, passions he will likely pass on to his two young sons that he and his beautiful wife have together. Nemeth's all-time favourite Acura model is the 2013 TSX. He'll be happy to tell you what he loves about it when you come to the dealership to negotiate your next Acura purchase.

Justin Leroux
Sales Manager

He might sometimes look like a serious chap but if you stop to chat, you'll find that Justin Leroux is full of quick comebacks and witty comments that'll have you chuckling long after you drive your new Acura home. Justin Leroux brought his skills to the West Side Acura sales team in 2016 and describes Acura automobiles as offering "pure balance of luxury, sport and value." He loves hockey, camping, his wife, their two kids and the two Leroux family dogs.

Joey Vandervet
Finance Manager

Finance clients entering his office are often greeted by a playlist of soul music from the 70s and 80s, but Joey Vandervet is always tastefully dressed in the latest men's fashions. He's been with West Side Acura since 2014 and points to Acura's luxury, performance and low cost of ownership as big reasons his customers keep coming back. When he's not setting up finance options for his clients, Vandervet can be found at the gym, learning to skateboard or eating.

Kevin Mitchell
Finance Director

He's got a booming voice and a big smile to match! Financial Services Director, Kevin Mitchell, has been with West Side Acura since 2014 and is an NSX lover, calling it "the best-looking high-performance supercar on the market." When he isn't setting up clients with the best finance and insurance they can find, he's traveling and cruising with his wife, Dayna and their English Bulldog, Cannoli. He's got a 2012 Harley Davidson Road King and cheers for the Packers, the Blue Jays and even the Elks.

Emily Swan
Merchandiser/Video Content

She's a lifelong Edmonton area local who loves anything involving creativity. As a merchandiser, you can find Emily snapping photos of vehicle inventory and capturing footage of West Side Acura.

Minnie and Ruby
WSA Brand Ambassadors

These two little faces are well known around the West Side Acura Dealership and on Instagram too! Minnie and Ruby love running for the toy when playing fetch but they don't seem to enjoy the delivery portion of the game. Instead of bringing the thrown toy or stick back for another toss, these puppies more often will run away with it. Their hobbies include eating, sleeping and tumbling in the grass or going for car rides in their mom's TLX. Follow them on Instagram @3Butterballs



Alissa Makaruk
Sales Consultant

She's got it all. Beauty, brains and Instagram famous bulldogs! Alissa Makaruk started with the West Side Acura sales team in early 2017 and her presence has brightened up our showroom ever since. She's a driven woman who has just finished business school with a major in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Makaruk is a diehard MDX fan citing the technological edge of 2022 model as her favourite part of the 3-row luxury Acura SUV. Check out Makaruk's Instagram page @3butterballs

George Alkhimov
Sales Consultant

George is our newest sales consultant here at West Side Acura! He's a big car guy and drives a 2007 Acura TSX. In his free time, you can find him either reading, playing chess, playing soccer, or swimming. 

Erik Bourque
Sales Consultant

Don't let his youthful good looks deceive you. Erik Bourque knows customer service, automobiles and he most definitely knows Acura inside and out, "Acura is a fantastic blend of classic and modern values as well as performance and luxury." Bourque can be seen driving to work in his Honda Civic or blazing into the lot on his motorcycle, a Yamaha R1. The '92 NSX-R was only released in Japan, but it remains his favourite Acura model. Aside from a passion for everything auto, Bourque plays guitar, snowboards and loves his family Bernese Mountain dog, Bentley.

Jeff Ma
Internet Manager

He's a car connoisseur and an Acura adorer. Jeff Ma has been with West Side Acura since 2013 but his favourite Acura model just happens to be the '22 MDX. He loves the new design on the exterior and the interior but it's the digital cluster gauge that captured his heart. Ma is a relationship-focused member of our team, often reaching out to clients on birthdays and holidays and turning them into life-long friends. He keeps busy on weekends with family, sports and cycling.

Marty Quon
Lease Account Manager

A literal reality tv star is a West Side Acura sales superstar! Marty Quon of the Food Network shows The Quon Dynasty and Family Restaurant has been with West Side Acura since 2003. His passion is Acura and it shows by how his customers remain loyal to the Acura brand. Quon's family business is an Edmonton cornerstone; The Lingnan, now operating for more than 74 years. He and his wife have two daughters and two wiener dogs. Quon's dream car is already a part of his impressive car collection: the Acura NSX.

Victor Jereniuk
Senior Sales Consultant

In the summer months, Victor Jereniuk's skin tone turns a deep peachy bronze because of all the sunshine he gets on the golf course. Golf is his great love outside of the dealership. He's been a member of the sales team since 2008 and touts a message about the Acura brand as being safe, reliable, and offering "outstanding value". His top-rated Acura model is the TLX Type-S. Jereniuk has two adult children, a son and daughter. Stop by for a chat with Jereniuk if you speak English or Ukrainian!



Aubrey Alas
Senior Service Advisor

He's a West Side Acura Service Advisor by day and fur-baby-daddy by night who also owns an auto vinyl-wrap company. Aubrey Alas has worked here since 2018 and touts the versatility Acura brings throughout the line-up. His favourite model is the RDX citing that it, "drives like a car but has lots of space for stuff." Alas spends his spare time cruising, at car meetups and shows with his three puppies, Chichi, Mona and Twinkie, in tow.

Philip Fairon
Service Advisor

Philip (aka Phil) was crowned as one of the top 10 Service Advisors in eastern Canada during his 6 years of working for Acura in Montreal. Now he's joined our team! He's a dedicated HABS fan, has two parrots, and can be found helping customers at the service desk here at West Side Acura. He's also bilingual, so be sure to say hi to him in either English or French

Guruparan Senthilselvan
Service Advisor

Guruparan aka GP is originally from Sri Lanka and has lived in a whopping 5 countries total! Before he joined the West Side Acura team, GP worked in the rental car industry for 7 years where he earned the status of top seller in all of Alberta. In his spare time, he likes to travel the globe, golf, shop, and cheer on the Oilers at live games.

Lesa Lam
VIP Shuttle Driver

This lady is a people person. She's bubbly, friendly and funny and clients who ride to and from the dealership with her are in for a treat! Lesa Lam has been West Side Acura's VIP Shuttle Driver since 2001 and her favourite part of her job is "talking to different people every day." When it comes to Acura and what Lam loves about its vehicles is that they are in her words, "fancy but understated. Plus they're sexy. Especially the NSX."

Brandon Funston
Lot Manager

Brandon, our lot manager, is always making sure the lot and customers are taken care of here at the dealership. He's an animal lover (marine biology most of all) and has a 5 year old golden retriever named Ally. He's also a big car enthusiast; his favourite Acura being a 1997 Integra Type R.



Parts Driver

Lucas Herr
Parts Advisor

Lucas Herr has been with West Side Acura since 2013 and it could easily be said that he knows the dealership like the back of his hand. From beginning his career on the lot, then moving to accounting before landing in his current role as Parts Advisor. Herr is working diligently to complete his accounting degree while at the same time fathering 3 young boys and nurturing his marriage. He's an avid sports and video game enthusiast and speaks two languages: English and Spanish.

Wesley Ying
Parts Associate

Wesley Ying got his start at West Side Acura in 2020 as Lot Manager and his solid work ethic has quickly moved him into the Parts Department as Shipper Receiver. His favourite Acura model is the 1992 Legend in seafoam green.




Alyssa Miller

Alex Wilson

Gilbert Cutamora

Jonathan Tisi

Matt Wilson

Ron Jabulin

Wai Yu



Kayla de Vries
Reception (Full-Time)

Kayla has been with West Side Acura since June 2020. She graduated college with a diploma in fashion & apparel production. In her spare time, she enjoys reading romance novels and taking fashion photography.

Mia Nguyen
Reception (Part-Time)

Mia enjoys her time at the gym or cuddling her two crazy cats Mekhi and Marcelo. In her free time, she likes to ski every other week or draw in her sketchbook. She plans on going back to MacEwan University in the upcoming year to pursue her future in Commerce.


Augustine Gallardo
Reception (Part-Time)

Augustine is one of our wonderful part-time receptionists who greets people at the door with a smile. She's currently in school for a bachelor of science degree in biology and kinesiology and plans to go back for a second degree in education. She's very active having played soccer in University and she now coaches both soccer and basketball. In her spare time, she enjoys baking and hiking.

Nicole Eagles
Reception (Part-Time)

Nicole is here working part-time as she completes her bachelor's degree in biological sciences and psychology. In her spare time, she enjoys riding horses, baking goodies, and mountain biking. At home she has two dogs names Ollie and Louie. 


Detail - Wash

Steve Lea
Senior Detail Manager

This face has been around West Side Acura for a long time, and we are thrilled about that. Detailer Extraordinaire, Steve Lea, started with us in 1998. He's a Clint Eastwood fan and is the owner of a large collection of Die Cast collectables. When he isn't making our inventory sparkle and gleam, Lea can be found quoting The Simpsons or Family Guy. His dream car, aside from the A-Spec TLX, is a 1971 Dodge Charger in orange.

Xiong Tan
Wash Specialist

Kyra Kennedy-Blyan
Wash Specialist

With her love for cars, Kyra is the perfect addition to the wash team! She's an animal lover like most of us here at West Side Acura and has a Frenchie named Meeko. In her spare time you can find her shopping or working out at the gym. Kyra is also bilingual so come say hi to her in English or Cree!