About The Staff At West Side Acura

West Side Acura knows how important the customer experience is. We understand that it can be difficult to walk into a dealership, that it is an experience that can be intimidating. But we want to help mitigate that. We want you to get to know our staff. We want you to be comfortable from the moment you step into the showroom here at West Side Acura.  

With that said, here is an in-depth look at West Side Acura's staff. 

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  • Sean Adams
    General Manager

    Sean Adams got his start in the automotive industry nearly twenty-five years ago. It was 1993, Vancouver, a different time. The Grizzlies were still a part of the Canadian branch of the NBA, Steven Spielberg stunned the world with hyper realistic dinosaurs that both terrified and entertained us all. Sean Adams was enrolled at Simon Frasier University, but he had a history of working in the automotive industry. Starting at the age of fifteen, which was the legal driving age back then, Sean worked as a lot attendant. It was four years later that he made the jump from the back annals of the dealership to the front showroom. He started as a sales person at the age of nineteen.

    Now 2016, Sean has moved east to his new home of Edmonton, Alberta, where he is now the General Manager at West Side Acura. Sean operates the dealership like an old sea captain sailing the dangerous waters of the Atlantic. He guides the ship, ensuring that each department operates at a high level, while also giving out a high level of customer service. He acts as a guide by giving direction as to where he believes the store should head. He's not one to micromanage, and prefers to give the other departments autonomy to manager themselves.

    Sean has carefully crafted a career that is filled with accolades and achievements in a variety of departments. Over the years, he has received a number of sales awards, among other things, but his focus isn't praise. Sean's focused on making the dealership the best it can possibly be. He puts a strong focus on customer service first.

    As a sales person, Sean Adams has spent his career dealing with customers. His edge is being able to see things from their perspective. When asked about whether he would change anything about the industry, here's what Sean had to say:

    "I would like every store to operate under a professional and forthright manner and give good service to customers. I think our industry has a bad reputation and that's partly due to a few bad apples, and I don't want to be associated with those types. I want to treat people with integrity and give them good service."

    It's clear that Sean Adams is a general manager that does something different. From the second you walk into the showroom at West Side Acura, you know you're going to get treated with respect, and not as a commodity.

    To finish off the interview, we asked Sean Adams two questions. The first, was to tell me about his first car, which was a 1974 Mercury Bobcat, a vehicle that could never be described as cool, even ironically. Then we asked him about his dream car. Here's what he had to say:

    "Well, I got a chance to drive the brand new 2017 NSX, and that thing blew me away. I love the 2005, the second generation of the NSX, I would absolutely love to have one of those."

    Come on in, see Sean Adams, and test drive one of our vehicles today!

  • Duane Worsfold
    Parts Manager

    Duane Worsfold got his start in the industry over twenty years ago. He began his career in 1994, his role, he was in charge of washing the cars. Something he says rather proudly in fact. Like many in this industry, he crafted a living by working hard and continually impressing his superiors. Steadily rising in the ranks over the years, Duane has become one of the most important members of the West side Acura team.

    Now, more than 20 years later, Duane is the parts manager at West Side Acura where he has quietly crafted an incredible career. The automotive industry is not quick to hand out awards, and yet he has accumulated a fair few over the years. Duane is a former employee of the year at West Side Acura, as well as being gold certified in the parts department. He also won a trip to New York City as a reward for his achievement in excellent service, which he described as "pretty great!" Duane is not the type of person who likes to rest on his laurels.

    Duane's role as parts manager means he is responsible for the entire parts department. His role entails looking after inventory, managing staff, ordering in parts, as well as a variety of administrative duties like paperwork. It's a crucial part of the dealerships success, but Duane revels in the challenge. All of this stems from wanting to provide a better quality customer service experience.

    Duane is always looking out for the customer, it's something engrained deeply in his soul. He can't help it. Which is why when asked about how he would change the car industry if he could, he tackled that issue from a customer's point of view. Here's what he had to say:

    "I think making things cheaper would be nice. Cars are getting pretty expensive, parts are getting expensive. Would be nice if we could keep those costs down, for us and the customers."

    We got to talking about his past and about all the cars he's owned over the years. We talked about his first car, which was a 1965 Envoy Epic. He joked about how we had probably never heard of such a thing, which we hadn't. He described it as a fixer upper. The Epic had no brakes, which at the time, didn't seem to matter to Duane. We've all been there, with the excitement of having our first car, we love it despite its flaws.

    We talked about what he would have if he could have the pick of the litter, what his absolute dream car would be. He thought about it for a while, and then stated that he would love to have a Dodge Challenger, preferably a 1973 as that was one he used to own.

    Come on into West Side Acura, see Duane Worsfold, and check out our new inventory today!