How long do acura mdx brake pads last?

How long do acura mdx brake pads last?

How long do acura mdx brake pads last
Good brake pads equal a safer driving experience. Brake pads are designed to apply pressure to the brake rotors when pressing the brake pedal. Friction is created to slow the vehicle down. Whether your Acura MDX is fitted with disc brakes or drum brakes, they don’t last forever, and replacement will be essential at some stage. But when does this need to happen? Scroll down for all the details.


Common Warning Signs

Check if your Acura model includes a brake warning light to indicate deteriorating brake pads. If not, there are other signs to look out for. The Acura MDX might pull to the left or right when braking. Listen carefully when the brakes are applied. Do you hear a grinding noise? Or a screeching sound? The steering wheel or brake pedal may vibrate when braking. If you smell a burning odour, this could also be a warning sign.  



Brake pads tend to last between 40,000 to 113,000 km. Multiple factors will affect their longevity, such as the rate of vehicle usage and the type of driving conditions. Usually, the front brake pads on the left and right of the vehicle will tend to deteriorate simultaneously. Due to more wear and tear on the rear brake pads, you’ll probably need to replace these sooner than the front brake pads. 



The costs will vary depending on your specific vehicle’s model and year. The average costs range from $150 to $500 for each axle, so you should be able to find something that fits your budget. Installing the brake pads yourself will eliminate labour costs, bringing down the overall costs. Remember to assess the condition of your rotors. These parts tend to need replacing if your brake pads have deteriorated. It’s important to replace degraded brake pads as soon as possible. Degraded brake pads can cause rotors to deteriorate at a faster rate.


Acura brake parts are specifically designed for the Acura vehicle, ensuring durability and top-notch safety. Pay us a visit at West Side Acura. Our professional staff will give your Acura’s braking system a thorough assessment. Give us a call today!


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