Importance Of Genuine Acura Parts

Importance Of Genuine Acura Parts

Genuine Acura Parts

At Westside Acura, we are your trusted Acura dealership for sourcing the latest Acura models and genuine Acura parts. Regardless of your automotive needs, you can visit our location to access our numerous services, providing you with the most seamless and effortless Acura ownership experience.

Importance Of Using Genuine Acura Parts

Maintaining and repairing your Acura with genuine Acura parts is very important, especially if you have a newer model still under warranty, requiring you to use OEM parts to avoid the risk of voiding coverage. Even if you have an older Acura vehicle, it's recommended to source Acura parts to ensure proper service and repairs. Aside from warranty coverage and fitment, it would be best if you stuck to OEM parts since they provide the best lifespan and help maintain your Acura's reselling value.

Genuine OEM Acura Parts vs. Aftermarket Alternatives

When you purchase genuine OEM Acura parts, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting high-quality replacement parts identical to the parts installed onto your Acura from the factory. Also, OEM Acura parts provide direct fitment, identical function, and optimal performance, making them the ideal choice for any maintenance or repairs your Acura needs. However, aftermarket alternative parts are available and promise cheap cost, but you will often find those parts are of lower quality and have fitment issues.

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You can contact us to inquire about your desired Acura parts availability through our Parts Centre and book an appointment to have our experts install those parts onto your Acura. We strive to deliver complete satisfaction during every visit, so stop by our dealership to access our support and services.

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