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    Winter Tire Change at West Side Acura

    The warmth of the summer sun has slowly faded and the brisk mornings of fall have us bundling up. As fall arrives, we know what is peeking around the corner; the season of winter brings excitement and a level of preparedness along with it. Changing from all-season or summer tires to winter tires provides drivers a heightened level of traction, control, and safety. Fortunately, at West Side Acura, not only do we provide a wide range of services for your winter tires, but when its time to change over to all-season tires, our tire centre is ready to help. Please book at online service appointment, its never been easier and reserve your spot!

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    Make sure to contact our service department and schedule an appointment to have your tires changed. If you require a new set, contact us immediately as there is a winter tire shortage across the industry. Luckily, we still have tires in stock and are ready to install them. So don't wait to get your winter tires installed before the snow starts to fall.

    Automotive consumers in Edmonton, St. Albert, and surrounding areas of Alberta understand that winter tires can be an essential part of your vehicle when the snow begins to fall. However, some consumers still believe that winter tires are not necessary. At West Side Acura, we encourage consumers to utilize winter tires during the harsh winter season. Below you can find some the main reasons to use winter tires and swap them at the right time:

    Benefits of Winter Tires

    The effectiveness of winter tires only takes effect once the temperature falls below 7 degrees on a consistent bases. The tread material is softer, and as the temperature drops, it is better suited, whereas summer and all-season tires use harder compounds meant for warmer climates. If you choose to drive with winter tires during warmer weather, tread wear and road noise will increase. Winter tires are designed with a unique tread pattern that is meant to cut, carve, and break through snow and ice. The aggressive tread pattern helps to avoid the buildup of snow and ice as well. If you have any questions regarding any of the information provided above, don't hesitate to contact us.

    Our parts department has a fantastic selection of OEM recommended and aftermarket tires. We stock a wide range of winter tires from various manufactures as well as some of the best all-season and performance tires available. We invite you to visit our service and parts centers, or you can also order parts online. We want you to find out why so many automotive consumers are satisfied with their service at West End Acura. We hope to see you soon!