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Genuine Acura Parts - Belts in Edmonton, Alberta

At West Side Acura, we are excited to offer automotive consumers from St. Albert, Beaumont, Leduc, Spruce Grove, Devon, Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan and surrounding areas of Alberta a fully stocked parts centre that features genuine Acura parts. Our trained and knowledgeable parts advisors are happy to help you get the right part you need with a smile. We offer batteries, tires, wipers, belts and much more.

Drive Belt

There are a number of belts installed on your Acura, and no, we don't mean seat belts. Depending on your model, your vehicle should possess a drive belt. The drive belt travels around numerous pulleys that operate the alternator, power steering pump, and water pump. The drive belt will also operate the air conditioning compressor on vehicles that are equipped with A/C. Over time like any other belt made from rubber, it will begin to wear, and its replacement will become necessary. The belt can also become damaged, contaminated, or dry out. If your drive belt ever fails, the outcome could be catastrophic; it can result in engine overheating, loss of power steering, inoperative charging system, and inoperative A/C.

Timing Belt

Your timing belt is an essential component of your engine. It is attached to the engine's camshafts and helps to rotate them. This, in turn, opens and closes the intake and exhaust valves to help your engine to operate at peak performance and efficiency. On a hand full of Acura models, the timing belt also operates the water pump, which plays a large part in keeping your engine cool by circulating engine coolant. On some Acuras, you can find a second smaller timing belt that drives a balancer shaft that helps to reduce engine vibration. Like the drive belt, the timing belt also needs to be inspected for cracks, deterioration, and wear. If the timing belt is not monitored, it may snap and cause severe engine damage. Please follow your owner's manual to find out the timing belt replacement interval.

The Right Service

At West Side Acura, you can find a state of the art service centre equipped with some of the most advanced technology. Our trained technicians are prepared to tackle any kind of repair you may have. We invite you to contact us with any questions or inquires that you may have, and our trained automotive professionals will be happy to help.

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