Acura Oil and Fluids in Edmonton, Alberta

Acura Oil and Fluids in Edmonton, Ontario

Your engine, transmission and brake system are some of the most important components in your vehicle. Two provide the driving force, while the third keeps you safe by allowing you to come to a stop in an emergency or at a safe distance in regular traffic. Each of these components requires your utmost attention; this can be done by inspection, regular maintenance, and servicing. Each component also requires specialized fluids to operate at optimal conditions. Engine oil, engine antifreeze/coolant, automatic transmission fluid, and brake fluid are required; otherwise, these important components would fail or not operate. At West Side Acura, our parts centre features genuine Acura parts, oils, and fluids specially designed and formulated to meet the high standards of quality set out by Acura. They are recommended to be used throughout the life of your Acura so you can enjoy it the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Engine Oil

Engine oil is one of the most important fluids used in your vehicle. It lubricates all the important parts of your engine and protects them from high heat and friction. It also creates a barrier between the moving and stationary parts while keeping the engine cool from the thousands of mini-explosions. As engine oil breakdowns, it loses its ability to lubricate and protect critical engine components. The excessive heat and stressful engine environment are the root cause of this, and that's why engine oil needs to be changed at specified intervals. You can reduce engine wear and prolong its life by not only changing your oil but using genuine Acura 0W-20 engine oil.

Engine Antifreeze/Coolant

Engine antifreeze runs through special channels to help move heat away from the engine. This helps keep the engine running at an optimal temperature and provides heat to occupants when required. If you are low on antifreeze, your engine will not be cooled as it should and, in turn, may cause overheating. An engine that overheats is prone to damage or complete failure.

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Like engine oil, transmission fluid helps to keep your transmission funning smoothly, cool and in optimal condition. Over time transmission fluid breaks down and requires replacement. Make sure to follow the correct fluid change interval.

Brake Fluid

Your braking system is hydraulic, and thus the brake fluid that runs through your lines is used to compress your calipers when you push the pedal. However, over time moisture can enter the brake lines, and in this case, a brake flush may be required. Otherwise, it would be best if you changed your brake fluid every three years. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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