How To Reset Tire Pressure Light For an Acura RDX

How To Reset Tire Pressure Light For an Acura RDX in Edmonton, Alberta

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How To Fix Low Tire Pressure

Knowing how to adjust your tire pressure is the first step towards avoiding problems with premature tire wear. Depending on the outside temperature, it can affect the tire pressure, and as such cold temperatures tend to lower tire pressure. The best way to know your tire pressure rating is to check your owner's manual or check the door sills for a chart. Following recommended tire pressure is the only way to ensure your vehicle's safety; thus, if not sure how to fill out your tires with air, visit your local dealership to get your tires topped off.

Steps For Resetting Your Tire Pressure Light

The tire pressure light is usually due to low tire pressure; filling the offending tire with air should turn the light off. If the light stays on after, then you need to follow these steps:

  • Try driving at highway speeds for 10 minutes. This method might reset your light after your next time turning the vehicle on.
  • Older Acuras with turn-key ignitions: You can have the key in the "ON" position, then hold the TPMS light reset button, wait for three flashes from the tire pressure light then release. On startup, wait 20 minutes for the sensor to reset and find the reset button by reading your Acura's owner manual.
  • Another reason your light might be on is your spare tire having a sensor and low pressure. Check your spare and inflate it properly.

What Does a Flashing Tire Pressure Light Mean?

A flashing tire pressure light means a problem with the system other than low tire pressure. It could be that a sensor is out of battery since most sensors are battery-powered. Another cause could be that the sensor is not functioning correctly; either way, it's best to visit a service centre to address the issue.

Problems Caused By Low Tire Pressure

Some issues related to low tire pressure are:

  • Lower Fuel Efficiency.
  • Tire stress, causing complete failure.
  • Lower traction.
  • Worse braking distances.
  • Premature tire wear.

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To ensure your safety, schedule a service appointment through our service centre to ensure that your tire pressure light is functioning properly.

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